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Friday, March 6, 2009

Yesterday, Thursday and A Look Ahead

I was out an about in my yard for a good part of the day Wednesday, which for me right now is yesterday, remember the "Lanny hasn't slept yet its not tomorrow" rule.

Also had a photography lesson for an hour from Tia, good teacher but my brain hurts.

Ya know I can be a little humorous here, sometimes I get a person or two to crack a smile but Dear Reader, you know it is true that just when you least expect it I pull out stuff, sometimes it is deep and solemn and sometimes I know you hear me raise my voice, sometimes it gets a little strident around here.

So I am sure Dear Reader, that you can sympathize with my children, if you think I am opinionated and hard to get along with here sometimes, just try being my daughters. Poor things, but at least they have Dirt to soften the blow.

I must admit though, that my rages and demanding personality have made for some clever sayings or nicknames. I am commonly referred to as Mommy Monster when I get crabby on a good day, then everyone giggles and no one really gets in trouble. There was the day I had become weary of hearing, "mom," so mom went on vacation. The lady in charge informed the children that their mother had gone for a little break and that she, Edwina Cauliflower, was in charge and needed to be addressed by her full name.

Not so early one morning, before I had come alive, my children having only fed me my first pot of coffee, I heard a crash come from the dining room. I left my bedroom to see what happened just in time to hear dear Bet say to Anna, "You're in big fat ugly trouble."

She had broken a dish of mine and being an acquirer of dishes, not a dish hoarder mind you I just like them, and also being a bit of a demanding parent, Bet instinctively knew Anna was not going to survive the day.

Unfortunately, in one of those rare hazy moments and taken off guard by Bet's pronouncement, I disappointed dear Bet and Anna was not in Big Fat Ugly Trouble. But we now had a new family saying.

Shellmo over at Birding in Michigan has a post that has inspired me have a saying about how I am feeling about thirty percent of the time, especially after my having to eat a gazillion carbs this week,. I can feel this way nearly seventy percent of the time if I listen to talk radio or watch the news. The new saying is Shellmo's title,
Fat & Mad. I just wish I could be as cute as the red poll she shot and posted about.

"I am fat and mad." Yikes, that ought to get something outta someone.

Craig, at Craig's Bird Watching, has given me my personality goal for the last third of my life. He held a "guess what it is" contest and it turned out to be Goofy from Disney. So Wednesday's post
Mystery Critter Round 4 Solved was about Goofy and a quote from the archives at Disney.

It starts off with, "Good-natured but not that bright." And I said to myself, and commented, that that is what I am going to strive for. Good-natured and not that bright. Just bright enough to feed myself and family, do simple tasks, and to not think about anything. So get ready for some post that aren't very bright and hopefully are good natured. Okay, I probably have that former one covered but these new post will be purposefully not very bright.

That, my Dear Reader, is my goal. To turn off the brain and not think. And to say, "I am fat n' mad."


KathyB. said...

Good-natured and not very bright, works for most people and they avoid so much trouble!I think that should be a skill taught to all...don't you? For really, good-natured and not very bright people are usually fun to be around and they make so many of us feel good about ourselves.

I have often wished for that particular outlook on life, things would be so much there a pill for that? The duct tape and blinders aren't working.

Karen said...

Mommy Monster, I like that one. Oh well, you are a bright spot in my day!

deedee said...

So no one got in trouble? Fat and mad? Golly, I need to get out more - never heard of such a thing.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well i might be fat but (today) i'm not mad! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Harriet just returned from the groomer. Now she is FAT & MAD!!! She's depserately seeking a mud puddle to play in. Hope you and your family have a nice, safe weekend.

Tipper said...

Good Natured and not very bright! That could be me. I like big ugly trouble-I think I'm going to use it with my girls!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Hey, how did y'all know I'm Fat and Mad!! Have you been peekin' at our family photos ... ROFLOL!

Great post. I really like the Edwina Cauliflower and Mommy Monster titles. [snort] If one can't laugh about life, one'll go nuts. ♥ ∞

Daisy said...

Lanny, you are so precious. Thanks so much for the chuckles with this post. I love your sense of humor. :D