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Friday, March 13, 2009

Okay, Here's A Funny Thought

You're excited aren't you Dear Reader, you can't wait to see the disclosure that is gonna follow that title.

Well, I was too, I was chuckling the whole time on the way to the computer and putting up a nice clean "Create Post" screen.

Loaded these pics just so you could have something to look at instead of just print. They had nothing to do with the story.

I was squirming in my seat with inexpressible mirth, no simple ROFL or teehee or sideways smile using punctuation marks would sufice even if I loved using those devices.

I had somthing quite funny, over the top hilarious, a gauranteed pants dampener, up my sleeve for you Dear Reader.

But then I was called away from the laptop.

And when I returned, excited to write, I realized that I had completely forgotten what I was going to tell you. No really, completely forgotten. I don't remember the subject, the players, the time of day, nothin' nadda. Cannot bring anything up on the brain screen to pull it out of the hat.

In a way I suppose that in itself is a funny thought, or would that be a non-thought?

Pappy has got me all stirred up with his Analyze This post today. I was all ready to have a go at it but once again was called away to discuss fencing issues, go to the feed store with the Dirt, do this that and the other thing and when I got back the comments had turned woohoo heated. Okay a darn right cat fight broke out in Texas this afternoon!

Well actually, the claws went from Canada to Texas to NewEngland, then we went on into New Jersey for a little innocent "my, mying", stoppin off in Ohio for some cheerleading, off to "where ever" for some extra ammo for Pappy and the rest, only for me, here in the upper corner of our fine country, to arrive right after Pappy called for group hugs! I don't hug (somebody's gotta be dying for me to do that) and I haven't said anything yet, I feel like a used party balloon. Deflated.

But this here is not the time for me to yap about that. I just wanted to finish what I started today, even though I really couldn't, and now a beautiful roast turkey, mashed taters, gravy and peas, with a lovely glass of sumpin' from the cellar is waiting for me. I have to translate the second letter I found in grandpa's trunk before Monday, I really need to deal with Elisa sometime soon, I want to go over to Kathy's when Dirt shears, I have a duck barrier to put up, the rest of the onions to plant, beds to uncover and fluff, toms and broc to start....

And then there is the new blog I started today for my married daughters to easily have their momma's recipes, it was a brain storm I had when second oldest interupted my onion planting today for a recipe, reminding me I really need to write out recipes and put them in a book for them but then I had a brilliant idea! So the old noggin ain't dead yet! but even if in the middle of the night tonight I do think of the humous thing I had to say, your outa luck, 'cause I intend to sleep a regular nights sleep tonight! I am not even going to take the lap top anywhere near the bed!

Wait, one more thing and then you can go with a clear conscience. You know the childhood jingle, "liar, liar, pants on fire" well I need one for pot stir-ers. You know, the person who puts inflamitory stuff out there and then is surprised and wants to dial people back. - hey I do the same, I wanna say what I wanna say but when I get a fire started then I want to come in with a fire hose. Just sayin. And by the way I have used that jingle, liar, liar on my very own self before.

Hey, Dear Reader if I don't talk to you too soon I just want to let you know, if you're struggling or sick or sumpin', I'm pullin' for ya, you're in my prayers. If I know you, like Lisa said, "face to face" or "blog to blog", I know you enough to pray for you. So now you know, you have a crazy mean talkatve lady praying for you with folded grubby garden hands, arencha lucky? But God is good and He knows our needs and my sentiment, He is good and He alone can turn the world on its axis.


Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

oh my Lanny.. what are we gonna do with you? you get us all anxious and ready to read your funny thought, and what do you do then? let us down... NO, NOT EVEN!! you are funny even when you don't have a funny thought. yes, i have enjoyed our blog-to-blog relationship. you brighten my days.
by the way, are you still waiting on test results?

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

You are so funny Lanny ... and so tender hearted.
I missed out on the 'fight' at Pappy's blog too. LL is mean spirited, she's done the same thing to me. Anyway, thanks for the prayers. I'm bone tired today and heart sick. A needy neighbor is coming down off a 40+ year narcotic drug addiction and I don't think she's gonna make it. She's lost all her hair, her home looks like a pig sty, etc. I told her about Christ, she said she believes (her husband who is divorcing her is an avowed athesist), and I don't know what to do next. I'm afraid she may 'off' herself. Really. I'm in over my head here.
Sorry didn't mean to dump. I'm OK. ♥ ∞

Tipper said...

Lanny-I'm always forgetting things I want to write about-so I finally started forcing myself to write it down. Only problem is sometimes I just write down one word-and then I still haven't a clue what my brillant thought was!

The recipe blog sounds like a great idea for you girls and for others.

Another one I've heard about fires-is "If you play in the fire you'll pee in the bed" maybe that could be applied to folks who start the fire and then put it out cause it got to hot!

Marla said...

I think I coming over to give you a big old hug, even if you don't like it.

Daisy said...

Lanny, where do those thoughts go when we lose them? I do that too. I'll be doing something or other and think of an idea that will be a great blog post but by the time I get back to the computer that idea is completely gone! Quite a mystery. Also quite a frustration sometimes. I enjoyed reading this just the same. :D

Oh, and I am with Marla in that I also am sending you a cyber hug whether you want it or not--HA!

As for prayers for and from friends, I am grateful for every one of them as I figure I can use every prayer that is said and time spent in prayer is never wasted. Enjoy your day!