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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Memories And St. Patrick Wishes

Muddy_Boots had a great post today with flowers from the florist's shop.

I love the smell of a florist shop and specifically their cooler. Not the least over powering yet very distinctive, it is hard to match and for me it is one of those childhood smells that bring with it a cavalcade of memories.

A childhood fragrance that brings to mind different images of both of my parents and days spent with each of them. Which reminds me Dear Reader, I am writing up a little family history for posting in chunks, it all started when I wanted to explain my personal politics but quickly got out of hand. (Hmmm me get out of hand writing or talking? Imagine that.)

I need to pick up that scanner I mentioned that Terry has waiting for me so I can show you pictures of my two very important people. I don't have a lot of the family photos but I have enough of them and months ago Kathy requested that I do some family history.

I think I just might have to stop at a florist today and take a whiff maybe I will treat myself to something special, to pay for the privilege of coming in and smelling.

Luck in the garden. a post done by Catherine at a Gardener in Progress, took me for a St. Patrick's Day Feast tour in her garden and reminded me of the wonders of Wood Sorrel. Now it is my taste buds turn to bring up memories of hiking with the family and nibbling at the citrusy leaves of Wood Sorrel or know by its older common name Wood Sour - probably Sorrel is Sour in some language, but no time to research that.

Well the girls and I are off to take a few short green cupcakes into town, so no need to covet the baked goods today Dear Reader. Next time the girls shouldn't bake with the kitchen TV going. They're pretty talented bonny lassies but they can be distracted and it doesn't take the "divil himself t' do it to 'em".

Dear Reader, keep the wind at your back and yourself in the palm of God's hand today.

Miss Linda reminded me of the prayer that I fashioned that line from, she had a sweet card and the prayer up go see at
Threads_of_loveliness. It sparked another childhood memory of my childhood home and the room that the plaque hung in.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I hope you had a chance to visit the florist shop and maybe even pick out a flower or two!
I had no idea wood sorrel was edible. I'll have to look into that, although I doubt I could convince my girls to try it anyway. I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)
I enjoyed your post from Sunday, and all the potential post titles you had :) Blogger really can test your limits some days can't it?
Have a great day!!

WingMaster said...

Favorite smells; horse-sweat and saddle leather, dog fur and Hoppe's NO.9 Gun-cleaning Solvent (WD-40 smells pretty wonderful, too)

Oh, and "Lady Stetson" (TMI)

LindaSueBuhl said...

I also love the smell of a florist's shop - sweet memories of corsages in my youth and planning dinner parties with pretty centerpieces in my middle years and now - just going in there and enjoying the smell w hile I order flowers for somebody else - I went off track somewhere didn't I?
Happy St. Paddy's Day and glad to hear even the very talented bakers Bet and AC occasionally have short cupcakes - I've been known to transpose ingredients from one recipe to another - then we call it chemistry and see if the birds will eat it!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I so enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass or how sweet everything thing is outside after it rains. They remind me of my early childhood in Central Florida.

Can't wait to see your family photos. I love looking at old photos. ♥ ∞