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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Not Like...

What makes people do what they do? My girls are often very perplexing, even for me, a fellow female, eclectic, energetic person. Its not like they don't have enough outlets, things to do, chores to perform and animals to keep. In case you've forgotten or are new to this blog let me remind you all the things my girls do for fun and work.


It's Not Like They Don't Have Opportunity For Fun

These two go camping, fishing, hiking. Even in their own yard there are canoe rides and exploring beaver dams,

And taking visitors (especially visiting sisters) out for horse back rides.
They even, on occasion, get out and do exciting things like attend local rodeos.
It's Not Like They Don't Have a Lot of Work to Do.

Scooping out ram pens with big equipment, or pitching out stalls by hand, or mucking out various pens and cages. Hauling the manure to the compost areas or directly to the gardens. Tilling up the gardens as well as planning, planting, weeding, watering and harvesting.
Helping dad with shearing customers, hauling wood, or delivering livestock for neighbors.
Working our farm's display at the fair for five grueling days, setting up, decorating, talking to the public for thirteen hours a day, then tearing down and coming home. Where there is both the travel trailer and stock trailer to unpack and clean not to mention that once home there are always homemaking things like cleaning, cooking, baking, sewing, rug making, flower arranging....
It's Not Like They Don't Have Enough Animals In Their Lives
Litters of kittens that need to be watched, hauled around in pockets and stories made up for.

Like the occasional puppy litter to take care of, whelped, weighed, fed, cleaned up, vaccinated, charted, marketed, sold.

Not to mention , training and working their grown dogs and the pups they are training to sell as started young dogs and the pups they're keeping.

Like the squab that they watch over or they attempt to hand raise.

Or the quail,

Or the adult doves

Or the chicks,

Or the ducks,

Or the turkeys that have to be turned out and pastured everyday then brought in every night, and the turkey eggs that need to be artificially hatched and brooded each spring.

Like the two new horses that they bought this summer.

That they use to herd the sheep out to the back forty.

You'd think the sheep alone would be enough to keep them occupied and entertained what with lambing, shearing, processing wool, spinning, rug making, deciding with Dad who are the replacement lambs and who are the locker lambs.

And then really most people would be satisfied with the entertainment and chores that just one family/guard dog would be.

But no, these girls have all of this in their lives and then they still have to keep....

A pet mouse!


Dr.John said...

It looks like your raising happy girls with enough love left over for a pet mouse.

Melli said...

ROFL! That's great! You can't possibly complain - with all those critters around, what could be the HARM in one itty bitty little pet mouse? LOL! What I find MYSELF wondering is... with all they DO - when do they have time for SCHOOL?

Lanny said...

Oh, I'm wasn't complaining! My girls fill me with confusion, bewilderment, I was puzzled,
as to why they saved a mouse that was found in the compost bucket!

Daisy said...

It was fun seeing all the animals they care for---even the mouse! HA! These girls certainly keep busy. :)