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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Farm Girls

On the way home from Mike and Rebecca's (Romantic Influenza) tonight Phil slowed down to look at a four wheeler. Our daughter Anna would really like it if she could get her own and not have to wait for our landlord to go on vacation and leave her with his to do his chores.

The reason this four wheeler caught Dirt's eye is because it was pink. And even though our Anna loves to drive four wheelers, eat animals she raises and names, and swim in a farm pond that turns your skin a lovely brown, she is still very pink. Like Phil says she gets in the real pool and doesn't want to be splashed or get to wet to fast, when people start to talk about gross things she covers her ears and begs them to not talk about it.

So these pictures today may surprise you, even for a farm girl this has got to be a stretch, but here she is, the one in the green hoody, done first with this job the two girls decided to do, the one most interested in "showing" me funny things about all this, but in the last picture I am sure you will agree with Dirt and I that the stance shows her girly side.

If you're squeamish do not scroll any further!!!
"Hey, how nice that you came out to see what we are doing. I'm all done but I will be glad to show you some tricks"
Come on that's gotta be gross
My sister is such a slow poke.
Notice the gloves, Dad insists on them and Mom insists that they be doubled or tripled.
And that's what happens to you when you are caught trying to kill more of Bet turkeys.
I have no idea what the girls plan on doing with the skins, but for now they are sitting salted on the board waiting to be rolled up and then tanned later this summer. The turkeys hopefully are safe for another day. And no we won't be eating these things - come on! We are Washington natives after all.

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KathyB. said...

This posting brings to mind a host of 'you know you're a red neck if....' jokes. But hey, please come over and help us dispense with the pests and vermin preying on our farm critters ! Thanks for the entertaining and thought provoking blogs...KathyB.