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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yee Hah!


We're here at the Roy Rodeo.

They hold two a year

Memorial Day
and Labor Day

The Lariat's get us started
With lots of flags, princesses
from other rodeos
and the National Anthem

We're introduced to the
pick up guys.
Wonder if their wives like
them being called that?

My favorite was the
Buckskin of course.

Ain't 'e pretty?

The bareback riders are like
the quintessential rodeo

I feel like I'm in Wyoming.

Some steer wrestling.
Anybody else think it looks
like they are steering the steers?

Calf roping

Calf not roping.

Whoa, doggy.

Reeling 'em in.

Saddle bronc,
much like bareback
sends me to

If you squint
it can be 1920

A lesson on
and a greatgrandfather
who drove the
stage at Nighthawk

The clown and his little
sidekick were so

The bull riding.
It's what Bet
came for.

Except for one,
the bulls won the

See ya later!

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