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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Week Left

Glad to see that there is nearly one week left, okay 5 days, but five days is way better than one cause we have a lot to accomplish if our Farm Projects for June list is to be laid to rest decently.
Take Bet and Anna to the Roy rodeo - did that, had fun.
Plant beans and corn - quickly did that, hope they mature.
Sell puppies - sold two from the sign out front, no calls from ad, learning to not worry.
Get the lawn border in tip top shape - I've stared at it and started it several times but it is far from tip or even top let alone tip top shape
Water and fertilize pumpkin patch - oddly enough it hasn't needed water. Perhaps this weekend it will get both whether it needs it or not.
Celebrate Flag Day - did that, had fun, even watched Rambo movie with son Mike, broke the flag cable, fix later, doesn't reflect on flag day.
Build duck pens - nope.
Sell kittens - one, didn't try very hard, no sign, zillion excuses. Really this ought to be purple.
Visit our new friends, the Coulters - did that! Had fun, relaxed, revived, it was great!
Keep things weeded - some yes, some barely, some not at all, out of control!
Go to another rodeo - Won't happen this month because the hay has to be picked up out of the back field this weekend.

So out of eleven things on the to do list three are in red and done well, red hot; one is in green, its getting there, doing what needs to be done in time with nature; four are blue meaning not so great, rather cool but something was done; three are purple, purple is the color for flakes.

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