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Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Day

Today is the last day of a tough month. And weather is one of the reasons. June is thought of as summer but in reality is is the last month of spring and it often shows. Not as bad as it did this year, the first week of June was the coldest on record, but it is always fairly rainy and slightly chilly. I think June in Western Washington is why twin set sweaters were invented. We'd like to think it is summer and wear a lovely sleeveless number but in reality we will never get the long sleeve off.

Then there is yesterday, 90*, but really its isn't so far off of the days in May where it can get nearly that hot or that hot, this year it did. Or days in February where it hits a lovely 58 to 60 for a nearly a week, which for a month when we ice skate or play in the snow that is like a 90* day in June.

So when we talk of June do we remember this last week and then next year we are disappointed with the typical June gloom or do we remember the cold first week and then are surprised when the week of hot hits in the first or second week?

And remember when weather used to be a light non-threatening conversation?

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