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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Okay, Then How About Some Warm Rain?

I can't plant my corn. I could have the week I was in California and it was what, ninety degrees here. But I refuse to go back and trade in that wonderful trip and time deepening a good friendship with Sheila, Carol and my own girls just for some corn. But come on! It is June! I came home and planted the squash and did some other things that I needed to do but I had no idea that the soil would return to April temperatures. I'm not so sure that the pumpkin/squash is going to germinate. Beans perhaps would survive this chilly soil but not corn.

So lets talk rain. I'll take the usually rain that we always get, and everyone seems to forget, in June but lets just have the temperature of it go up a few degrees (like 10). Then you all can wear your lovely walking shorts and summer sweaters instead of your corduroys, heavy fall sweaters and parkas that you have on now and I can plant my "warm weather" vegetables, and then later meet you at the tanning salon for some light rays and vitamin D.

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