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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Look What I Found!

Working at organizing my life a little this morning before heading out to plant corn and sunflowers down at the pumpkin patch and I came across some stuff in my One Note (gotta sing the praises of that program here soon). And since this whole post thing has just become a mishmash of craziness I intend to toss in this item I found.

Weed in the morning what a beautiful place. Had a good nights rest up an at 'em fairly early and headed out. What a drive! What scenery! What magnificence! What large trucks.

I really think that trucks, big trucks, haul-a-city-in-them trucks, should be on a separate highway. I'd be happy and they would be happy. Nothing better for an adrenaline workout than a concrete wall on one side, a large truck on the other and a hairpin turn on a grade no less. Would have been a great weight loss program save for the whole stress equals weight gain issue.

With each baby newly strapped into their very own personal torture chamber, we opted to go farther than two miles to the Hi-lo Café in Weed. So we land in Redding for breakfast at the Black Bear Diner. Yes, I know, it is a chain but it is a chain that doesn't exist in Washington and therefore intriguing. Besides, a glance at the web site promised over the top kitsch and I don't care who you are that's always entertaining.

Then on toward Sacramento and a quick stop in Old Town for a quick peek and leg stretch. Old buildings are always a treat for me, ultimately it was a respite and we covered just enough sites for me to wonder what we left unexplored. So, no harm no foul and on the road again.

This whole internet on the road with little time for breaks from the highway proves to be difficult. So it was dicey trying to decide where to break as we changed plans at the suggestion of a Sacramento police officer and took I-5 instead of 99. So all my sketchy notes for California just became worse than sketchy and just plain worthless. Thankfully there are always rest areas and truck stops.

I feel as if we were traveling through eastern Washington, fuzzy brown rolling hills on one side and large quilt farms on the other. Only, there are palm trees.

We make it into Bakersfield just in time to unpack and walk over to get a lovely late dinner at McDonald's in the Motel 6 parking lot. A uneventful good nights sleep. Ahhhh. In the morning we dine in-room on scones, apples, bananas, cookies and coffee.

Which gives us some go power to get on the road and drive all the way to North Hollywood and breakfast/lunch at Denny's. Don't, just don't start in on me. We had no idea where we were or what was available, all planning had gone out the window not to mention we didn't mean to exit onto the Hollywood Hwy.

Back in the cars and onto Oceanside. Lots of things to look at if the baby wasn't crying so hard. Shaking the rattle to Strauss, petting her head, jiggling her car seat only to hear her say, "If you think for one minute I am falling for the head petting bit your crazy. Quit petting my head and get me out of here. Now!"

We have arrived at our destination only an hour and a few brain cells behind schedule.

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