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Friday, June 6, 2008

Just For You, Dear Reader

Evelyn and Kathy came to visit the farm. Evelyn came to get a ewe sheared and Kathy was bringing a wether for Evelyn to take home.

It is a wet cold winter day... No, wait this was yesterday, June fifth! To wet to shear outside so a place in the Tractor garage is cleared out and a chunk of old carpet is put out to keep the fleece as clean as possible.

Dirt started shearing sheep over 15 years ago, he started just shearing our sheep and for a few springs we had some purple polka dotted sheep in our pasture. Gentian violet wound spray is really bright against a large white sheep.

He also takes time to trim hooves while he has her on her rear. In this position the sheep wiggles much less, almost not at all, but there is always that one time!

He continues right on around the ewe after he has taken off the belly wool. If it was going to be processed the belly wool would have been taken away before he continued on around the sheep. Saving the fleece for textile use requires different steps.

Janey likes to think she is

Ace Sheep Dog to the rescue.

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