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Monday, June 2, 2008

Unfinished Thoughts

The cliché of two little beings, one on each shoulder, one dressed in red with horns and a tail, the other dressed in white with wings, are we so sure that this is the correct interpretation of what is going on when we hear two voices battling for our decision ?

When we entertain nonsense that we know is entirely ungodly do we really think that God the Holy Spirit is going to sit there and engage in an argument for our sake to choose what is right?

While I was weeding today, ripping out buttercup with my scissors handy to snip slugs, it dawned on me that we assume that evil spirits work in tandem or in unity for our destruction. But is that really true? Unity is a good thing isn't it? How then can something with no goodness in it participate in something good even for the result of evil? It seems to me that evil spirits are evil and don't even care for one another.

As I was cutting through the disgusting bodies of the slugs intent on destroying my garden, I first thought about how they are always all over the buttercup, also intent on destroying my garden, and how they must be working in cahoots with each other to take me down. The slugs never seem to wipe out the tender little baby buttercups like they can wipe out something that I purpose to grow.

But then I realized that those stinking slugs would not stop at the complete destruction of the buttercups if it was the plant they preferred to eat, as it does with my lilies when it mows them to the ground so that the poor lilly may never be seen from again. Clearly evil things are out for their own reward and no one else's.

So what then do I make of the apparently conflicting voices, one in each ear, that I have encountered many times? Can't they be two wrong voices in competition with one another? Why do we assume that as we contemplate or entertain junk that we know does not fall under the heading of "think on these things" that the Holy Spirit will always swoop in to give us His side? If a man discovered that his bride was entertaining another man, would he come to her side and give his story hoping to woo her away from the destruction she is entertaining? Would he lie in the bed with them and give her his side? Wouldn't the more likely scenario be that two scoundrels would be there vying for the ruination of her soul?

Just thinking…..

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