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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maybe I Should Have Just Watched The Show

Sorry dear reader if I subjected you to the result of my trying to multi task. I was probably too tired to even mono task. But I have cleaned up my terrible writing (worse than usual) and set the post Electric Day right.

Today's goal is to focus on what I am doing and get it done.

No more murders last night, but the night before we lost a Polish chick. And I'm telling you, the thing out there is very strange indeed. Phil did get up at two in the morning because he heard a ruckus. When he got out to the barn the ducks were all stirred up but this morning everyone is accounted for.

Bet and I have to go up to Eatonville later today to pick up a full grown Bourbon Red turkey so that we have something for the display at the fair. This murderer or muderers must be stopped!

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KathyB. said...

I will comment on your last 3 postings, because you seem to have been writing and editing your blog as I read your blog !

As far as your electric day went...WOW ! You got a lot done. The zoo would have been enough for me, or the tests, or....but you did ALL of that. Your multi tasking seems to be working. And you remembered all your tasks well enough to write about them.

The kitten in the picture is so cute. My cat Marple is trying to read what i am writing to you ( she is taking up most of the chair right now ) and she thinks the kitty is cute too.

And..oh my, let me know what is going on medically. Please !

About the mystery, kind of creepy, is your trap big enough? Also, the picture of the scat looks like cherries were on the menu. Maybe you should be looking up. KathyB.