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Saturday, July 26, 2008

That's My Girl

After I got home from our horseback riding (see Oh Mercy) I went back out to the clearing to pick some wild black berries, the indigenous kind. Amber, my new Rat Terrier pup, and I had a great training walk. We saw Phil, who was out back cutting next winter's warmth, ate some berries, then came back. When I returned home and popped around the corner of Dale's machine shed, I spied my daughters.

"Where the heck are you two going?" I inquire

"Out back to pick berries and see Dad," was the chorused reply.

"Did you set the water, Anna? I questioned, half knowing the answer but hoping none the less.

"Oh, shoot, no." came the expected answer.

"Get to it before you go," I insisted. She took off and went and did the job she was left to do a half an hour ago. That Anna, she isn't blatantly rebellious, she just has my side tracked gene in spades. And because it comes from me I can be both merciful toward her and terribly hard on her, cause I know what her life will be like if she doesn't get it under control now.

"Hey, what do you have in your hand?" I asked her sister.

"A beer."

"Whatcha doing with that?"

"I'm taking it to Dad"

What a gal. I'm telling ya, that girl belongs on a real farm with a big strong, hard working, thirsty, beer drinking man someday.
Wait a second, I should have thought of that beer, I could have won me some points this afternoon. It could have been worth a new rose arbor or a hot water heater in my laundry/propagation house.
Oh well, better luck next time Lanny, see you later Bet.

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