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Friday, July 25, 2008

We all came to the farm in this box!

We love our ducks, we let them wander around the barns and nursery area in the day time and they are locked into the barn at night. It is amazing how Fluffy, our big sumpin watch dog, doesn't even give them much of a second look. He once had a notorious time of duck killing, nothing short of a hand grenade could get him off of a duck.

He is a funny dog. If a chicken gets out of the coop he polishes it off straight away, no if ands or buts and no questions asked. But often he will squeeze into the coop when we dump something he deems as tasty in their scrap bucket and when he gets in he won't touch a feather on their head, or tail. He is totally territorial. He understands when he is trespassing. If you're in his yard however, you're in his yard, your mistake not his. This is the face you will be greeted with:
But if you happen to drive a certain colored box truck and wear shorts, or if you come out of the house to train puppies smelling like training treats, or if you are sitting down with a plate on your lap after the smoker has been going all day this is the face you are greeted with:

But it doesn't matter if you belong in the yard or not, if you happen to be a puppy or are within 10 feet of food that could be his, he will growl like a grizzly bear or snap at you. (not people, just other critters) He went on trial once for murder. He was caught at the murder scene, and we all, those of us in the kitchen, heard what we thought was evidence enough but it was all deemed circumstantial, there was no definite evidence that he had really done anything besides being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the only one around when the authorities arrived.

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