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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sheep Shearing On The Pennisla

Family day out sheep shearing.
It is interesting how many sheep owners are out there that don't get a job done as often as it should. Sheep should be sheared once a year, for the fleece quality, for their health, for the ease of shearing only one year's growth.

These folks bought these sheep two + years ago and it took their
neighbor calling all the feed stores he could till he found Webster Road Feed out between Graham and Eatonville and Brian gave him Dirt's number.

Mind you they are in Gig Harbor and that is quite a ways from Graham and Eatonville. Makes me wonder how many feed stores he called before he found Brian, Webster Road Feed and us.

Funny, the last time I went on a shearing job with Dirt we went out onto the Peninsula and they had a small flock that hadn't been sheared in years. Makes me wonder about people across the bridge. Beautiful homes though, you gotta givem that for sure.

Picked up fire wood for Rick and Melody Cabinier at their dentist's beach house. Turns out that my family went to school with the dentist's family, he was in between my middle sister and brother and his younger brother was in my class in elementary school, small world, go figure.

The salamander was relocated to a safer place than the moving wood pile.

On to another shearing job out in Home

on a small vineyard

This woman has beautiful gardens, lots of work, very inspiring

They worked their awning into the end post of the grape supports, very clever.

Heading home, first to drop off Rick and Melody's wood,

a jump in Rebecca and Mike's pool

and then home to

get to work!!!

And maybe sell some kittens and hopefully a puppy or two.


KathyB. said...

That poor looks like a huge dandelion gone to seed.What a relief for it to have the wool sheared off.....I hope the owners have already made an appointment for the next shearing. And a dip in the pool looks sooooooooooo inviting! KathyB.

Lanny said...

Yep, both places we went to want us back next year. Especially if we bring the girls back with us.

The neighbor of the first place gave Phil a $40 tip as he continued to remark over and over about our wonderful girls. The second place called Monday for our address to send us a little something in the mail and he also went on about how wonderful our girls are. Guess we have a couple a nice girls!

But we take no credit, the credit is our Lord and Savior's alone. We just followed His instruction, sometimes reluctantly or poorly.

But I am glad to call them mine, cause like Dirt says, "This weekend they were worth at least $40!"