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Friday, July 18, 2008

Still Missing Girls

The girls spent another day in town with Rebecca and I spent another day forgetting what all I need to do.

Thinking about an old "assignment" from Friday gathering a "this I believe" sort of thing we were all supposed to be doing but only Phil has done so far.

What I was thinking was that community is a really big thing with God and is one of those Spiritual Law things much like gravity.

Well I haven't formulated much at the moment to share with you . Maybe when the girls get home they can take a picture of me at the top of my new sixteen foot shinny aluminum orchard ladder and I can figure out how I want to say what is rolling around in my brain.

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KathyB. said...

Congratulations ! A new ladder, wow.You sound so lonely. Isn't it wonderful AND scary how much we count on our families to set the tone and plans for our days ? As our family is our main 'community', so this is probably another illustration of the extended community of our brothers and sisters in Christ...I am off to ponder , I too seem to often be unable to say what is rolling around in my brain. Me thinks this is probably a good thing , since a lot of what rolls around in my brain should NOT be rolling off my tongue.

Hope you're reunited with the girls soon. bet the rat terriers do too . KathyB.