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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Family Members

Well, I 'm not sure what just happened to Phil and I, but the girls have two new horses.

We had recently borrowed a horse from our good friend Cindi. I have been out riding with them for a few days and got re-bit by the horse bug. So when Anna came across a nice buckskin on Craig's list, (I should not have shown her how to look things up) we decided to go look at it. Then before we could get up to see that one, we found another one very close by for much less.

When I called the lady who was selling him she told me that she actually had two she needed to sell. Brother and sister, eight and four respectfully, buckskins, well duns really.

We went to see them last night with Stephanie and the boys. I think Stephanie was more excited for the girls than they were.

The temperament on both horses is incredible. The mare just followed us around like a puppy and would let us do anything to her. They were so calm that we all felt calm. And that included when Aksel was hollering and flailing around right by them. Amazing.

This morning the girls and I went back to ride them. Tammy, the woman selling them, was a little nervous about the gelding so she had the girls saddle up the mare first. Anna rode, no problem and then Bet rode, no problem. Then I started out the gelding and really didn't have any problem to speak of since the horse had not been ridden for nearly two years. Nothing that with a little time can't be corrected. And he did really well under Bet. Oh and btw they stood still for their saddles and bits - nice.

I feel bad for Tammy because she really loves her horse, the mare, and she is proud of her husband's horse, that is clear to see. But she is very pleased that they are going to a very happy home.

And so are we.

This is Baby Rep N Scoot

Her brother, Dusting D Scoot looks just like her but he was being a boy for his picture so I am opting to not post it. We'll take another I am sure. They are both reg. Quarter Horses.

Oh and here is a picture of one of the five dogs that they live with. Anna bonded with this dog and was having him do tricks by the end of this morning's visit.

But the ultimate was when he sat on his friend instead of sitting on the hard stoney ground.


KathyB. said...

You know, I really wish the time was an optional part of replies and you really need to know I am reading and replying this early in the morning? (Or late in the night as far as I am concerned)

Congratulations!!!! What pretty horses and wow, your grandsons will have reliable good-natured horses to ride with you all...KathyB.

Wingmaster said...

Great time of reflection & discovery last night. Thanks. Pretty ponies, too. Hope & pray for a second cutting of hay this summer!

CaroltheRose said...

hey! thank you! I've missed home so much that i've checked your blog quite a bit to get a feeling of home! I knew I would show people my blog eventually but at first I wanted to just not say anything for some reason, I dont know why.
then I saw Dad's and I figured that was the time. I admit I cleaned up the language a bit in previous posts before i showed him my blog. and its nice to say I dont miss it. :)
I have more of that life in the "hood" stuff to do. (vacuum. yay.)