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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who's Poop Is This?

I have a scat identification book, I just haven't gone up to find it.

This belongs to the animal that absconded with our beloved (and not) little blue bantam rooster. Last year an animal came to our farm that we had never heard before. It has a creepy screamy rattly yowl (sounds like a piece of sheet metal being rattled) in the middle of the night or shortly after dusk right down by the cherry tree and the barn pond. And now I wonder if it is all the same animal that has done the evil (or blessed) deed at the chicken coop that sits just above the barn pond.

We'll miss the little blue bantam. Unfortunately we didn't know that we needed to have a picture of him, and besides a picture could never tell you how much a person could love the little bugger and kick him across the coop all at the same time. He was vicious, clearly suffering from short man's syndrome, the only reason he could stay and not be done in was that he was barely a pound and could only hit as high as your boot, hardly a threat really unless you're silly and go out into the coop with shorts, but definitely annoying when you're bending down cleaning feeders, collecting eggs, closing up the waterer and the like. But now he is gone and no one could even find a feather of his for a memorial to our little buddy (irritant).

I think it is funny that Anna and I are reading Hank the Cow Dog, by John R. Erickson, and Hank is solving a chicken murder case. I think I am riding the rails between two parallel universes.

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KathyB. said...

I see you have your own ' Murder Most Fowl' case going on. I am as intrigued as you, because after all..any creature coming after your livestock can in all likelihood come after ours. Also, I really want to know what is out there making those very X Files type noises.

Maybe Miss Marple or her likeness could help out here? KathyB.