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Monday, November 24, 2008

If I Was Gunna Be In A Box....

I'd be like Purr Bob and get in this kind of box.

I wouldn't get in this kinda box....

And if I wouldn't get in that kinda box but would

rather be here instead,

then why would I put something I spend time with, that I miss when it is gone, can't really get into substitution no matter how lovely, something that I have named,

why would I put it in this unfortunate box?


Well Purr Bob has come to his senses, momentarily anyway, and is getting out.

So am I.

I am not sending my computer in just because they managed to make him forget he had a big boy keyboard. It is just a matter of learning and making it become automatic to hit the num lock key before I use the key pad. Big deal one extra key stroke, well two actually, on and off, but what the heck I usually hit a half dozen extra keys so what is one more intentional one, twice.

So I have homeied up Conrad and he is looking very much like himself again. Actually more like himself than when he first got back from his long spa vacation. I am glad I have decided to not send him in. The only problem is the key board thing and I'm determined that it will be okay. And yes, I have given my computer a name. I am positive now that I have anthropomorphized my computer all will be fine from here on out. I won't mistreat it and it will behave like a good Conrad.

I'm outa here, going to where there is no light, no sound and only a pillow. I am taking a little pill, biggish actually, with me in hopes that I can call an end to the stupid head. I might actually take Conrad so he can play a little Pachelbel on Pandora. Dirt is kinda tired of me being sorta short tempered so even though I feel like chopping my head off, he actually might.


KathyB. said...

Oh no ! I have a forward from our son David which I will not forward, but this forward is of a man dealing with his frustrations over his keyboard. I hope you do not take to flinging your keyboard against the wall, because now that you have named him, why Conrad just might do what the keyboard in the forward did...rise up and fling you! I think I would stick to doing this...@#$#%#^$&@&*&$#@!!!

Really though Lanny, you always amaze me. You keep on working and even having civilized conversations when most people with the migraines you suffer from would be bed ridden in darkened and silent rooms. I know I would. I get maybe 1 migraine a year and it knocks me out, nauseates me, and I literally cling to the pillow with damp cloths on my head and DO NOT MOVE!

Hope you and Conrad are doing much, much better today !

Captain's Wife said...

Oh, you have migraines Lanny! Well, that explains the head chopping off comment! I haven't been around long enough to know that. :) I haven't had one for years, but when I did it was a bag of ice on my head and sleep, sleep, sleep. I am so sorry you get them...they are so miserable. Wishing you a pain free day Lanny! (((hugs)))

LindaSueBuhl said...

Hoping the pill does it's work and your sweet head is soon pain free -
DH agrees with the cat - if you are in a box - make it one recently inhabited by beer. Rest friend -computer issues can go up a tree for a while!

Melli said...

Well, I personally would not climb into either of those boxes... I would like one that said "Godiva" on the side... or perhaps Dom Perignon. But I'm thinking that inside one of those Coors BOTTLES might be the place for your head. Have you tried a chiropractor? Just wondering...

NaNcY said...

hey lanny :-)

i hope you had some sweet sleep.

and here is a word for the day...


pass it on

Daisy said...

I'm glad to hear Conrad is behaving again for you. Hope your head is feeling better soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Lanny! :)