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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Puppy Sale

Pearl, who looks a lot like her mother, Janie, is leaving us today. We are happy that she is going to a nice home, with two respectable boys and a thoughtful mom and dad.

She is leaving us a fairly well trained seven month old female Rat Terrier. She is very good at sit and stay, fetch is a little sketchy because tennis balls are too big for her mouth and apples are edible. She doesn't mind the leash and understands heal and knows to sit when the walking stops.

The lady of the household will be picking her up in a little while after she and one of her boys shop a little for Pearl.
We hadn't advertised her any where because I was wanting her to have a little more training under her belt, Dirt however talks a lot about his home/farm life to his students and one of his students perked up when Dirt spoke about our herd of dogs. Its funny cuz the dad tried to down play the whole puppy/dog thing yesterday when he was here saying that if it were up to him they wouldn't be getting a dog right now. Why then did he go home and tell his family that his instructor had a dog for sale? Men are strange. I don't know exactly how any of the conversations went but I know that if my friends and I were standing around and talking about motorcycles and one of them mentioned that her husband had one for sale and I was not interested in having another motorcycle parked in the garage, I would not go home and mention the motorcycle to Dirt even though I don't think he wants another one.

And they (men experts) say that women talk a lot.

So soon there will be only four in my little Rat Terrier hive. We are keeping the last two female pups, but then again everything is for sale given the right price and the right day.
Well I am out of here, time to stick some contacts in my eyes, maybe exercise if Terry is around, come home and sell a pup, and then do a little rain farming.


preacherman said...

So cute.
I wish we could purchase one but our landlord made us sign a lease that says no pets, yet a cat keeps comming up to the house. The landlord think it was a neighbors cat that moved. My 3 boys 7,5, and 2 just love it though. I want to thank you sharing these great pics with us. Wonderful. Lanny I will be visiting as much as my health allows. Keep up the great blog. I have atted it my favs.

Daisy said...

Love the group shot of all those sweet faces of the litter. :)