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Monday, November 10, 2008

Quality Time

My husband and I spent some wonderful quality time tonight doing something he loves to do. He is an airplane guy and is very into the weather.

One of the best presents I ever bought him, besides a subscription to Dumpster Weekly, was the indoor/outdoor weather station back before they became a big deal and were every where. When I bought Dirt his the only place I could find one in the Tacoma area was down in the Tide Flats at a marine supply house, I bravely packed up my girl babies and went to a part of the world that my father told me never to go with out him. But he wasn't there to go with me any more so I just had to buck up and go. Oooh but I digress this wasn't about that but about the wonderful bonding moment Dirt and I spent reading the following scintillating stuff.

Wasn't that exciting?! And trust me when I tell you, there is no skimming allowed.

Even better than that is the good news that, "We have gas for the generator." I personally would love to spend the day sans electricity.

Today was barely a day. Spent the first two hours of the day in the fetal position while I begged God to make it easy for me, working through known unknowns about so many things in our little lives here at Vicktory Farm and Gardens. The Holy Spirit comforted me and then told me to get up and get over it and to stop being upset with people and wishing things could be what I would like them to be. And I really couldn't argue with it. So I did.

Visited with Norine, Dale's wife, for a long time today and with her daughter Lisa for a little while.

All in all it really was a wash of a day, looking forward to tomorrow. Dirt is home, it is Veteran's Day and the girls and I need to do something special. Maybe I'll go visit my dad's grave for another blubber fest. twenty seven years and I still am not over it. And since his grave is next to my moms I will be able to have a good orphan go at a intense blubber fest. Don't freak out my dear reader I do not think my parents are at their graves, buy my father was very diligent about taking care of his dad's when ever we went over to Okanogan. Just doing something he thought was important.

Well we'll see what the day holds when the day gets here. Tommorrow then, yes?!


Daisy said...

Hugs to you, Lanny. I'm so sorry the days are difficult for you right now. You will get through them. There will be brighter days ahead. Hold onto that sense of humor of yours. It can be your best friend at times like these. You made me smile sharing the "weather bonding" moment between you and your husband. :-)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

honey a good cry is a good thing, it is good for the soul i am convinced... don't try to cheat yourself out of yours, have at it!

hugs, bee

Wingmaster said...

You might suggest to Dirt that studying the impending tropical depression is not (necessarily) an antidote for a Nor'West depression that so many of us are plagued with from time-to-time. Better yet, I'll tell him myself tonight.
I like a good weather report as much as the next guy, but that NOAA stuff? B-O-R-I-N-G

Susie said...

Hi Lanny, Thanks for visiting my blog. I always enjoy new visitors. I scrolled down through yours and enjoyed visiting. Where you live must be beautiful! I would love to see photos.