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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just a Real Quick Happy Dance

This here is the honor of the week for me, heck who am I kidding, honor of the really long time for me, cuz I can't remember the last time someone gave me an award!

But I can't finish all the rulez to receiving this award because it is hard to hold my head, close my eyes and blog at the same time. It also makes for an odd looking dance, but Daisy, I am dancing on the inside, just not moving my head. The vicadin are not working today.

I worked with sunglasses on today, normal for some perhaps but odd for me.

It is way past my bedtime, but nut job radio and migraines do not mix well. So now I am going to go see if Dirt is asleep enough to leave the radio off. I have no idea what they are talking about tonight but the way my day is going it is either the breathairian or some chick having an alien baby. How such a smart, wonderful, caring, concrete thinking man can listen to that craziness, I have no idea.

I know, you may wonder why I received an award right now with such a lamo post. Better luck tomorrow, and I will finish the rules for sure. Good night dear reader, I am praying that you are all safe and sound and finding that the Holy Spirit guides you more each day, by leaps and bounds.


KathyB. said...

I got an award too ! I have to figure out the link thing that nobody can tell me how to least tell me well enough for ME to understand it...but hey, I figured out downloading YouTube so now, onto links !

Another migraine ? Just go to bed, pull down the shades, and think slow, quiet, calm thoughts....

Susie said...

I'm sorry you suffer from Migraines. Those are the worse. Blaring radios and bright lights could be the worse. Cold, dark rooms and lots of sleep always helped me. Take care.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh feel better honey!

hugs, bee

Daisy said...

Lanny, I am glad you feel like dancing on the inside. I hope by now your migraine has melted away and that you are feeling better. You do not need to worry about following any rules on my account though, so please do not stress over this. I'm just glad that the award made you happy which was the only intent in the first place. Hope you have a good week. :)