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Monday, November 24, 2008


Yipee, my computer's key board issue is not fixed and it only took from what, about seven-thirtyish till now, after one, to find out that it was all a waste of time, hanging around my computer making sure it didn't need me and then telling it things occasionally to finish 'er up. Yes, I said yipee and I meant it. I must be struggling with this for some deeper meaning and I am a happy sufferer.

I embrace technology and all the silly lessons that come with it. If I can't be Amish and drive a horse and buggy, I want to immerse myself in all the technology I can get my hands on. Stress from this is good, it builds character.

Why just look at me, I have not picked this silly little plastic box that cost more than a good horse and flung it across the room. I can learn to be patient. I can learn to be sweet when faced with aggravation. I can see the silver lining in every black screen

And now I get to decide to throw it into a box, okay, yes, I did mean pack it carefully into a box, and send it back to HP for the keyboard to be fixed, maybe, or just live with it.

A secondary decision is if I send it back when? and do I set up stuff for a day or two or live with a non-personalized computer for a day or two.

Keep in mind I am the person that you see in a hotel room, there for only one night, yet I have made it homey in a matter of minutes after arriving. I take flowers from my garden when I go camping. I already have an urge to set everything up the way I had it even if I do box it up, I have to wait for the box to get here, I can't be uncomfortable while I wait.

I'm going to let Dirt decide for me when he gets home. I'm not going to deal with it instead I am going out to finish putting my fuchsias, geraniums, begonias, canna, cuphea, abutilons, gerberas and verbena away for the winter. Yesterday, Dirt made a lovely little insulated cubby for everything, I am kinda tired of doing the curtain thing for all the stuff on my Laundry House porch, and it is getting nice and cold, it may actually be late fall now.

So, until we meet later, have a delightful afternoon dear reader, take a restful tea time or after school snack time whatever you want to call it. Me? I'm going to be outside and if I can find enough flashlight and car headlights I am going to stay outside 'til bedtime.

Girls, make your dad dinner. My luck I'd blow up the stove, ignite the microwave, chop off my hand with the food processor.


Cliff said...

a 'good' horse:
there's a novel concept. (coming from one who has 10 on premises at last count)
You wear me out just reading your about your gardening.

Susie said...

Gardening always the best therapy. Enjoy it!

Melli said...

OY! Didn't you just get it BACK from the box? From a two week vacation in the box -- not to be mistaken for a Jack-in-the-box... that is just sad. No way would I decorate... Not a chance!