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Friday, November 21, 2008

Joining Others

In their slight jumps on the season.

But I just couldn't resist.

Anna brought a little something in from the barn around mid-morning and it really needed a homey-home and what better than a Christmas basket, lined with a lovely plaid woolen and tied with a big bow.

What was it that needed homey-home?

Pippy and her three little kittens.

A little black one, a black and white one and my calico! Santa brought me my Christmas kitten to my house!

I have been wanting a calico because my beloved Moose is not doing well and we found out this week doesn't have long to live, but I think we kind of knew that.

Moose is an alias for Amie Jo. Amie Joe and Mary Joe were the last kittens that Monique, aka Bony, had and they ended up being bottle babies. Mary Joe, a calico much like the one in the Christmas basket, only lived for a couple of years.

Moose was our main momma cat for quite a while, we had her spade and then she developed this mouth thing. Well Dale, our landlord/neighbor/vet, would give her a shot every so often so that she could feel a little better and eat.

Moose was due for a shot again when Dale was expected home, but now that he isn't coming home, well I was getting very worried about my little Moose momma. She spent two whole days, yes, the entire day, curled up in my room, appreciating an occasional petting but never getting up.

So dear Dirt called one of his shearing customers, Michelle, who happens to have been one of the vets that worked with Dale at the clinic before he retired. She was on vacation but she was very sweet to call Dirt back. They discussed what the shot could possibly have been that Dale was giving her since he wouldn't tell the girls.

Well, Michelle's bad news was that the chronic use of the medicine that they discovered he was using will in fact make her death certain soon. That must be why Dale wouldn't tell, he knows I would be curious and find out about it. He was a softy. A General Patton on the outside and a Mother Teresa on the inside.

The reality of it is that she would not have lasted this long without the medicine so really the medicine maybe killing her but the disease, whatever it is, would have done it first. But now that Moose has received her shot she looks a little better today but in all reality she doesn't look as good as she used to after the shot.

That is why it is good that I got my Christmas kitten now. I needed a bright spot in my little world. Now no more Christmas decorations until next weekend!


Susie said...

Don't you just love early Christmas presents?!??!! Those kitties are so sweet and tiny.

Captain's Wife said...

Awww...I love newborn kittens. Yours are adorable and I am glad you got an early Christmas present. Sorry about the other kitty's health problems. Sounds like you are very good to her and she has had a good life.

Daisy said...

I love, love, love Calico kitties! How sweet and wonderful. The Christmasy basket you made for the mama and her babies is lovely too. Such a fantastic Christmas gift indeed. :D