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Friday, November 7, 2008

Someone Out There Understands Me

And that would be besides God!

So with the laptop issues I totally spaced on posting a recap of our Leif Erickson celebration. But really I had a lot of good reasons for not getting to it, I didn't want to load my pic for the post on someone else's computer, etc. etc. etc.

Now that I have my laptop back, sort of, Leif Erickson Day just seems so far behind us. But then I had my little side bar thingy that I needed to remove but I wanted to save it somewhere.

Ahhh... I had a draft dated October 23rd that I did not complete. Like finding that you have two pages stuck together in your journal that were left blank in just the right spot to write in something you forgot to write about. And it covers the fact that you are a journaling knuckle head, because instead of putting the post at the top of the heap it buries it as if it really were written on October 23rd.

Now I would like to figure out how to copy pictures off of my posts and banner and into my collection of pics as I lost all the pics foolishly stored on my computer.

So now it will look like I wrote about Leif Erickson Day when I should have, except for the fact that in typical Lanny fashion I have just completely told on myself here. So except for me telling on myself this has worked out great and I would like to say that I appreciate the person who devised this clever little attribute of the blog! They were clearly thinking of me.

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Melli said...

ROFLMBO! I don't know what you just said... but I'm glad SOMEONE understands you!