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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost Done

Well here is the hall in stage two, if stage one was paint over the yellow with white and prep the walls as best can.
Color is always an interesting thing to me and the funny rules people have for it. Like, pink and red clash. Who says? Certainly not in the flower bed where a particular flower has pink and red in it and everyone oohs and ahhs over it.
And how come my mom would put me in a print that would have pink and red in it but if I put a pink top over my red cords she always had a fashion cow.
These are the things that confuse your Lanny Dear Reader. And now she just laughs and goes about her merry way. Well until Dirt says something rather rough then I go all south and wish I would just stick with white.
But when I walk into the hardware store and there are piles of mis mixes and they look so intriguing and so lonely and tossed aside all at the same time? I can't help myself and so I find a way not only to use all the colors I brought home but make up a zillion more mixing them yet again!

Dirt must not mind it too much, all my whacky creative things I do, because he works hard to help me out and do the parts I have no desire to learn how to do. And he does have a hard time visualizing what I explain is running around in my head. Most people do, it isn't just him. But most of my friends are learning it is just easier to nod their head and say, "oh that will be so interesting when it is done."

At first Dirt didn't think he would like the stripes, then he decided that they didn't look half bad. (Oh ignore the red, that is actually the outside of the door, the door just happened to be open.) Then he was not liking the idea of yellow trim, but after he was half way through putting up the trim he liked it, now he loves it.
There will be tiny yellow stripes between each "green" stripe, the groove in the panelling actually (I've decided like the British spelling, besides the two els look like the panelling itself.). Dirt really didn't think that was going to look good at all. I did one last night before I quit for the day. He loves it. But I need better little brushes so when I go into town next I will pick some better brushes up and then I will slowly work on getting the grooves filled. I'll work from the top down doing all the tops first so that Dirt can put up the shelves that will rim the top of the hallway and hold all my children's books that I can't bear to give away.
But I was thinking I might not do it after all, sometimes I like how a project is looking before the planned finish is done and so I don't really "finish". But the little yellow stripes are a must because the green stripes were done with the yellow stripe in mind to cover the uneven edges. Besides I think they look "groovy".
Have a great day Dear Reader, I have grandsons visiting, peas to plant and an incubator to go pick up possibly, busy busy days.


Susie said...

Is that the same hallway I just saw Anna painting?!?!? Wow! That's fast work and it looks great! I hope you show it again with the tiny yellow stripes in between each green.

Kimberly said...

What color are you going to paint the inside of the door? Yellow?? I think that would be cute,cute,cute.

Mildred said...

I love these soft, Eastery colors you have chosen. They are beautiful together. The yellow strip will look great with the molding and I like the idea of shelves to house all the children's books. Good for you - it's looking so pretty!

Carol............. said...

Great color combination.....really a nice soft look.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ah is is unique..just like you.. and lovely..just like you too!! I am all caught up now..I feel better knowing all is well with you in the PNW:)

Daisy said...

Looks cheerful and springy to me. I like it. I hope you show it with the yellow added when it's done.