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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yahooo, We Snagged a Biggen Off the List

Not sure where that list is now, but I had a list of things Vicktory Farm and Gardens needed, oh wait, I think it was in a post, not my side bar, any who, we can cross a big need off that list.

We went up to Bellevue in Dirt's big fat truck (that is important information because Bellevue is about as skinny as it's snotty women and Dirt's truck is big and fat and loud like a good hearted country wife) and picked up a cabinet style incubator.

We have been searching Craig's List for a while now for an incubator that held more than a couple of dozen eggs at a time. Weeks before Christmas there was a fellow in Ellensburg who was selling five. I called, I emailed, I got no response. The ad disappeared from Craig's List.

I kept threatening to jump in the truck and drive to Worley, Idaho to get another incubator that showed up on Craig's List, or down to Eugene to get yet another one that showed up but was way more money.

On Saturday, on the phone I was talking a friend down from a crisis, while I had guests in the living room and sure enough a 509 number showed up on caller id, I didn't think I could handle one more thing, and I sure as heck wasn't thinking "incubator man from Eburg", so I let the call go on to voice mail.

Sure nuff, it was the fellow who had them on Craig's List just before Christmas. His message: he had a few phone calls to return and I was one of them. He still had the incubators did I want one.

I called back. I got his terrible message thing. I left a message.

I got no immediate response.

I thought it was a cruel joke.

I called one more time.

He called last night. I made Anna interrupt her phone call and answer it.

He had two left. I wanted one.

He was bringing two to Bellevue in the morning, could I drive up there?

Better than driven to Eburg across the pass!

So there you have it, the not verbose story of how I came to spend my day in Dirt's truck instead of planting peas and how we now have four-hundred less dollars in the Vicktory Farm and Garden's start up account, but how we now, finally, have an incubator that holds something like six hundred eggs. Really? Let me check.

The GQF 1502 will hold:

1488 quail eggs
354pheasant eggs .
270 bantam to chicken sized eggs
180 extra large eggs (Turkey, Duck, etc.)

Not sure where I got that whole six hundred thing goin' in my head, just a lot of numbers that's for sure and fourteen hundred quail eggs sure as shoot is a lot.

But any way even a hundred eighty turkey poults or ducklings at one time is a lot, a heck of a lot more than the couple dozen that fit in our old incubator.

So consider Bet's turkey and meat bird operation good to go. (She'll do some layers in there too but we don't want to mention it out loud).

We will even quite possibly have some chickies or something for our opening day April 22.

Talk about some exciting stuff!

Have a good night or a good morning or a fantastic afternoon, whatever it is that lay ahead of you right now Dear Reader, I know it is going to continue to be a humdinger for all of us here at Vicktory Farm & Gardens. Who knew this year could hold so much stuff. Daily. Since, oh, say, August! God has not only knocked our socks off He has knit us several pair in a rainbow of colors so that we can have a new pair knocked of each day!

Tomorrow, peas, both garden and my favorite of all time thing to grow, sweet peas! I'll be late a day by the signs but a girls gotta go for the incubator when the incubator calls.


Mildred said...

Good for you!!! Glad things worked out. It feels good to get that list whittled down, doesn't it??? Enjoy the day!

LindaSueBuhl said...

What a great find - you will be up to your - started to say ears but only if you incubate ostrich or emu -hmmm I know - up to your ankles in tiny hatching poultry very soon. Exciting turn of events - surely long for quail here but with fireants - it is cruelty to even put them out on our land. WOo hooity to Craigslist. and bigger wooo hooooity to Vicktory Farms!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

that's good news indeed. i'd love to see photos, i have no idea what that looks like!

smiles, bee

Flower said...

Good for you! That will be a lot of eggs to hatch....!

Jo said...

I can feels your excitement. I remember how excited we were when we won the bid on Ebay for a wood stove. At a fraction of what a new one would have cost. We drove from south central Ohio to western Indiana to get it.

be sure and share pictures of those babies when you get the first bunch hatched.

A. Joy said...

Hey! So glad to hear you were able to get one of those incubators! Tom's turner went out on his and after faithfully monitoring the temp, humidity, water dish and had it set up so well in our mud room to keep the cat company ( cats love sleeping next to humming warm incubators! ) the quail eggs did not hatch due to the broken turner. This will be repaired shortly.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Way to go, can't wait to see that operation when you get it up and going. sweet Pea planting time..good for you! I have to catch up with you here I will read know what I mean :)

Daisy said...

Woo hoo! That's great news, Lanny. How lucky for you!

"God has not only knocked our socks off He has knit us several pair in a rainbow of colors so that we can have a new pair knocked of each day!"

That made me smile big. You make such wonderful images to put in my head, Lanny. Thank you. :-)