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Thursday, February 4, 2010

How's the Weather?

So last month the weather was amazingly conducive to thinking the calendar was on the wrong page, or that new months had been invented, because even though there have been plenty of cloudy days and rainy ones too (otherwise there would not have been any mud to deal with)

there have been a fair share of incredibly beautiful days like this,
and this, where even though there is not a cloud in the sky, the temperatures have not plummeted like they usually do on cloudless days. Most likely because by evening the clouds return and give a nice blanket of warmth to the region.
New months? Well lets just say that pretty much everyday last month I thought we were in Janpril and sometimes jumping to Januly. So I'm thinking that in spite of the predictions of the local hedgehoggy things that instead of more winter (would that be a bad thing considering what winter in the PNW has been so far) we are now in the month of Febray, well, we might get more rain than that so perhaps we'll have to call in Februne. What after that? Perhaps Margust. Hopefully Mr. Winter will not swing back up this way when he leaves the midwest and turn it into Maranuary.

PS. Sorry 'bout that weird post-not-post yesterday, I actually had a post that went with that title, it was going to be another one of my humorous rants but I was being sidetracked (imagine that Dear Reader) and really messed up big time on the whole, can you get your thumb off of the "publish" button, write your post and then remember to hit the "publish" button, brain wave. I'm sure I have a brain disease that causes this sort of thing, I just don't want to go to the doctor, 'cause I think he suffers from it too.


LindaSueBuhl said...

I suppose I was the only one dumb enough to comment on a title? anyhow - wonderful pictures of your weird weather- we are also experiencing the weird weather winter - El Nino is kicking us with lots of rain and overcast.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Hasn't it been a strange winter? When my daughter told me about the groundhog thing I figured that we haven't really had winter anyway, so no big deal if it 6 more weeks of rain and mild temperatures. Today was just beautiful here.

commoncents said...

We are all over the Friday-Saturday blizzard that is bearing down on the East Coast.

Daisy said...

Well, January felt like January all month long here to me. HA! I'm glad it was milder for you there though.

YOU were sidetracked, Lanny!? I can't imagine that. ;)

This post made me smile. Thank you.