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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leonards, Lambs, and Landscaping

Our good friends, the Leonards, have big equipment, so to get out the stumps, who do we call? The Leonards! Leonard Excavating, with big fat stump ripping out excavators! Yahooooo!

And what do we do when we call friends over? Eat!

But what happens when the Vicks sit down to eat? Lambs!

It's Tilly! Anna's bottle lamb (I.V. recipient even) from two years ago. So this is her first set of lambs.

And look! She had two! And she is an awesome mom already! Wow, that doesn't always happen.

You really ought to see EBet's newborn lamb walking imitation. It cracks me up!

One of the lovely Leonard ladies, Miss Ellianna and Vicktory Farm & Garden's First Mate, Miss Bet, hanging out with the lamb-ers.

Master Lucas ended up having a very interesting evening, shortly after we finally ate dinner another ewe went into labor and this one needed help.

Terry had a good time going down memory lane, she was one of those lucky children I envied every September when I, city-girl-farmers-daughter, would go to the State Fair and see other youngsters with their animals. Terry was a sheep girl.
Then her older girls and my older girls went through 4-H sheep together. So she was having fond memories of lambing season. But memories were as far as she wanted to ever go again.
So lamb count is at six: four ram lambs, two ewe lambs, out of four ewes. Eleven more ewes to go.
And the landscaping? The stumps may be gone by Saturday afternoon, if all goes well and Mr. Leonard can spare some equipment. So if the stumps are gone, then the dirt, ground, can be shoved around, the building site leveled, gravel hauled in and then a hot house and market shed! Yippeeeee! On my way to being a grown up, man this is exciting!
March looks like it is coming in as a lamb too, well at least for the first day. From there, who knows, 'cuz most of the last couple of months the weather man has called for rainy wild weather and we get mild drizzle and a bit of sun. Crazy.


Mildred said...

Exciting times for sure. I love the pictures and chuckled at the thought of Ebet's imitation!!!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Lambing in full season at the Vicks - good to have friends who also happen to have heavy equipment. Not sure you'll be a grown up any time soon and not even positive that is a desirable goal - we should enter the Kingdom like a child - so being a little touch childlike is a GOOD thing! Thanks for sharing what appears to be have an exciting day on the farm.

Daisy said...

The lambs are so cute! I enjoyed hearing about your day, Lanny. Sounds like it was a full and exciting one. Ebet is very pretty. I think she looks a lot like you. :)

I'm happy for you that things are falling into place for you to get your hot house and market shed. You've got some big changes going on out there!

Together We Save said...

Your lambs are very cute!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lanny: That lamb that bet is holding has the most unusual coloring. Being a city boy you know how confusing that could be.