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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something on My Side Board for a While

The following was on my side board for a while recently I decided to take it off but I wanted to save the thoughts. Now however, I am cleaning up my drafts and eliminating them so I've turned this into a post where it was just a draft. I wish there was a way to save what your whole blog looks like from time to time. Oh well.....

Start looking at and reading the Bible differently. Perhaps it was never meant to be turned into a "word for the day" calendar.

The "letters" were meant to be read as such, not sliced and diced.

Think of yourself discovering a pack of letters written between your grandparents when they were courting and first married. You untie the ribbon, open the fourth letter in the stack, read the third line of the fourth paragraph because you see that it has an explaination mark behind it?
Or do you untie the packet and read all the letters completely, trying to figure out the order from the post mark, reading each one, sometimes over and over. Comparing how they spoke in the first one and the later ones. Essentially blowing a whole day in the attic; crying, weeping, laughing, gaining a sense of who your grandparents really were in those days.

Would you know that from picking out all the sentences that cousin Judy told you you should focus on and memorizing them so you could recite them at the next family picnic?

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