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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wadding Waddles

What happens when your panties get in too tight of a wad? You have a tendency to waddle and not get anything done correctly. But I managed to buck up, concentrate, ah the source of my migraine perhaps, and figure out the best way to address some bites made by our perennial pest, Satan.

So day before yesterday I posted a title, three times in a row. Without the snarky quips that went with it. And I have such dedicated and sweet Dear Readers that two of them went above the call of duty and came up with comments for my nonsensical title. So to honor their diligence as Dear Readers, even though I deleted my three posts of utter ridiculous proportions (no words from Lanny!) I retained their comments and am republishing them here.

The title? What No Blogging?

The diligent commenters and their awesome and meaningful comments:

LindaSueBuhl just sometimes - not blogging means doing life so que sera sera

KathyB. You're NOT blogging? If the rest of your blog is any example of what is goin' on at Vicktory Farm I am amazed you're blogging at all! You are getting a LOT done outside in the mud there.

Thanks ladies, for reaching deep and coming up with great comments to my nonsense, you are second to no one, not even Blue Tarp Camper.


KathyB. said...

Thank-you Lanny, I know you just enough to know even silence from you speaks volumes....usually it seems to mean you are doing a lot of thinking and meditating on God's Word ( as you work heartily in the mud), how it applies to you and your family and how you might live it...and I do not think I have read too much into this, just what is.

LindaSueBuhl said...

I like to "play" with you - your mind is always an interesting destination and the various levels of tours given to us - your lovin loyal readers - enrich our lives (laughter is enrichment!) Shucks - I show up because there is always more to learn - even just being quiet is a lesson!
p.s. - will pray for relief of that headache -

Daisy said...

I'm just sitting here grinning. :-)

Hope you have a great weekend, Lanny!