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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Soakin' and Stripin'


Okay, so I totally forgot to put my pea seeds, sweet and garden, to soak last night. They will soak overnight tonight here on the breakfast bar then tomorrow I will put inoculant on them. The garden (eating) peas will go straight in the ground and the sweet (flower) peas will go in peat pots and sprout in a separate place to foil the underground vermin.

According to the moon and stars the best day for peas was the fourteenth through the sixteenth, so even if I had soaked them last night technically I would have been late a day unless I consult Blum Almanac.

According to Blums I could have planted them today. That was what I was banking on when yesterday got sucked up by the drive to get the incubator. I was banking on that I could fudge another day.

So now this planting, which will happen tomorrow during a barren sign, can be my control and I will plant another batch on the twenty-fourth and the twenty-fifth. Actually those days are supposed to be better than this week's days for above ground seed in a pod or fruit. Earlier this week was really best for lettuces, and broccoli and the like.

It will take me a while to get the hang of this and the nuances from one phase of the moon to the next and the twist the different star signs put into it. But I promise to not go all whack a do on you Dear Reader, but it is good for the Lanniator Procrastinator to be on a schedule and this one is just interesting and purposeful enough that I might actually hang with it.

I am by no means done, (I could have called this post "Almost Almost Done") only one stripe finished really, and I am not going to count how many more I have to do. But I thought I'd give you a glance at how they, it, looks so far.
I will be working on all of the stripes starting at the top and going down just far enough to get the shelf up and then I can go to "a stripe a day" like Dirt proclaimed yesterday when he got home and watched me hand stripe this. This is where the warning about painting panelling does come in. I don't want to use tape like he suggests because the paint doesn't "grab" panelling like it does other surfaces.
The doors and the door jambs will not be staying wood finished. I'm thinking a distressed white with a green glaze, I picked up two cans of green glazes off of a mis mix pile a while back that I have been wanting to crack open and use. I might try even a layered distressed look, like yellow on the white. 'Cause my friend Kim suggested the yellow and I like the idea of a bit of yellow on the doors.
Did a lot of shoveling today, building up beds and constructing paths, so... I'm done Dear Reader. I hear the Olympics playing in the other room but I hear my bed calling louder.
I made an appointment with my neurologist and got in for tomorrow, so the extreme pain episode has of course subsided, which I really don't mind, I know she knows I really have an issue and I would rather have a decent nights sleep for once.
When I get too cranky I reflect on Paul and his "affliction" that was never removed, and I pray that God show me what it is I am to glean from this. But hearing that might actually take me shutting up with the whining already and just listen. A good start to Lent I'd say.
'Night Dear Reader, rest well.


A. Joy said...

Awwww man! I thought you were getting ready to have me over for some pea tea! All those mugs lined up like that throws a person off! And... I'm glad you meant 'stripe - ing ' and not 'stripping'. Like I'd first read it. ( Cause stripping and planting your peas could get a little chilly no matter how spring like we think the weather is getting. ) Heehee.

Mildred said...

Hi Lanny, Let us hear about your neurologist appt. I love the yellow stripe and your plans for the doors sound nice too.

Daisy said...

Lanny, you have much more patience than I do if you are going to hand-stripe all those yellow stripes on there. No tape? I wouldn't even attempt it. I don't have steady enough hands to do that. I think it is going to look really pretty, though, when you get done.

Good luck at the neurologist. I hope she is able to help you.

LindaSueBuhl said...

I'm grateful A. Joy mentioned it first-when I saw the post title - I was thinking "hot tub and wild hijinks" -

Susie said...

Girl you are one busy bee. Remember to take care of yourself. Hope you get a good report from the doc.

Thanks for showing us the yellow stripe. Looks good.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I have always been intrigued with the planting by the moon, but have never given it a try. I hope this turns out well for you! Love the stripes. blessings,Kathleen

Far Side of Fifty said...

Planting by the signs..keep a good diary Lanny..I have always wondered if it worked or not. Of course your big pain was gone before you went to the Doctor..isn't that always the way it goes. Love your yellow stripes..I love is very cheerful")