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Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Vicktory Farm & Gardens Weekend

It's February, believe it or not, and there are lots of birthdays in February it turns out. My oldest daughter is a February baby, so is my second son, a good friend of mine has a February birthday as does one of her sons and the oldest son of some other good friends of ours, those northern folks I'm always mentioning.

Hopefully I haven't missed someone.

So in honor of the gaggle of birthdays we had a bit of a party, in the rain.

My February baby is in the hooded coat with the little fella in the brown coat hanging on to her. The other birthday gal, seen here on the right of the little fellow in the brown coat, had a little something for Anna to do on Saturday before the party really got off to a shootin' match, no really, they did eventually go out to the pasture for a little bit of shootin'. What else is there to do outside in February when it won't snow or freeze?

But first Anna was demonstrating her

skinning skills on a rabbit from Kimberly. It has been a long fought battle hear tell and the battle ended Thursday with one of her sons taking out the cabbage stealer.
Everybody who's anybody has heard of the Vick Chicks' love for skinnin' things and many have asked to be privy to the art. So Anna decided to do a little showin' of her skills right after lunch.
I'll avoid a close up for those of my queasier friends.
I dunno how the shootin' went really, I wasn't out there, I was in the kitchen making lasagna, and other delights and staying dry and warm and not stuck in the mud. Not 'cause I'm a sissy or anything, but there were lots already that wanted to be shootin' and there was after all a dinner to make. But I'm sorta sorry I missed the full pop cans bein' shot, now there's sumpin' fun to watch I'm sure!
Dirt, Rebecca and Mike chatten after dinner. Tellin' jokes most likely, like, what do you get when you put a hundred sows and a hundred bucks together? Why, two sows and bucks of course. But none of these are birthday people this month.

Three of my four daughters, but none of them are a birthday girl.

Op, here's a birthday person, right here in the middle with a birthday smile and a piece of birthday cake.

These aren't birthday people either, it's Mark and Becky, mom and dad of the birthday fella in the previous picture. Doesn't Mark look menacing? Wonder what he was thinkin'.
He musta not shared it with Becky, 'cause she looks as pleasant as ever. She is always pleasant, I am blessed with lots of pleasant friends. I'm hopin' it'll rub off on me soon. I'm just the town bully for now I guess.

And here is a birthday lady and rabbit murderer (well she hired the hit on the bunny anyway), oh and I do believe that is her hit man she is sitting next to.
Her birthday boy and my birthday girl were not caught on camera very well Saturday. I always just get into enjoying my company and forget to take their pictures. I missed takin' a picture of Pop and Patty who left before I remembered the camera. But then you can do this whole meeting the framily a little slower then, always a silver lining to my mistakes eh?
And no, I won't ask someone else to take the pictures, I might get in one.

Aww here is a fellow photo phobe. My second son and another February birthday person. He and my oldest daughter (not his wife, he is married to my second daughter) not only share a birthday month they share the same year also.
Well that's just a lot of Vick family and friends trivia for you and a lot to take in so I'll leave it there before we gotta get out a road map.
That was Saturday at the Farm, Sunday, Valentines Day some of us went down to Puyallup to the Daffodil Bowl and held Bowlerama February. And we were joined by the Fryers, well a few of them any way. I took my camera... I just didn't use it.
It was mighty fun. Next month I think I'll rent two more lanes, let me know if you'd like to join us and I'll make sure to get you a spot.
Well all good things must come to an end. Next time I'll get the camera out more. Next time? When will the next time be? Well.... who's got birthday's in March? Oh wait, we have a holiday in March! One of my favorites! We'll have a Saint Patrick's Day event I am just sure of it!
My Poppa drilled my wee bit of Irish heritage into me head and my love for the underdog into me heart, so you know I love all that is Irish. So we will be lookin' forward to next month's Bowlerama for the Saint and we'll see you there?!


Anonymous said...

What a blessing to be surrounded by family and friends. Your daughters are all just lovely. Hope you are enjoying your week Lanny.

Mrs. Mike said...

Looks like an unruly crowd.