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Monday, September 8, 2008


"'I apologize' is the same as saying 'I'm sorry', unless you're at a funeral" Demeti Martin.

But I am not at a funeral so I will just say, "I apologize"." First to Mrs. Palin for spelling her name wrong in oooh Wait, Did You Just Reveal... . Spelling like a frog on acid, again.

Second, for any offense or confusion my last post Did God Say? may have caused. . I was attempting to point out that God's hate for divorce is from the very moment of the joining of the man and wife in what ever ceremony that causes them and others to acknowledge that they are man and wife (I really cannot hear that phrase any more without having Princess Bride flash in my head).

Yes, when children are involved it increases the saddness, making it even more evident that you are ripping flesh apart and that the violence effects more than just the couple. However, this morning, prior to my leaving for the hospital I was confronted with the crazy notion that a young married couple's parents wished that they had not gotten pregnant early in their marriage, four years, because now divorce would really be off the table until the children were grown, and that was most unforutunate for their son whom they had hoped would come to his senses. These are Christians, I speak of and to, who believe in the Word of God. If they did not believe in the God that hates divorce I would have no beef with them on this.

Yes, I like children. I like them so much I have a few. But everything good we do in this world is not for the sake of the children. And everything bad is not bad because it happens to children or children are effected. God is grieved when we sin, even if there are no kids in sight.

It is this kind of muddled thinking, 'it is bad only if the kids see', that is causing this nation some real problems.

Cheating on taxes, or whatever fraud you do, isn't bad as long as the kids don't find out or is acceptable if you don't have any kids yet.

Calling your wife a four letter word isn't bad as long as the kids don't hear.

Calling your husband an idiot is okay as long as the kids don't hear.

Watching a movie about illicit love affairs isn't bad as long as we rate it R and leave the kids at home.

These are the muddled thoughts of our culture and the list could go on and on and on. And we all contribute to it, I will be the first to raise my hand on that. But what I need, what my God says I need, what he has provided for me in the form of Christian companionship, which includes my husband and children, is someone or someones who will gently tap me on the shoulder and ask if my thinking hasn't gotten muddled. I need someone to love me enough to pull my head out of the fire. (Jude 23) And what I need is the humility to take the correction without wanting to point out their muddled thinking. Because the truth is the truth even if it is spoken by a donkey, or a jack ass, as the case may be.

So my apologies if I was too strident with God's word earlier and my apologies again if I only made things worse here and not helped one bit and you are still offended. Sometimes Dirt would like to ban me from reading certain books of the Bible or at least many chapters, I read them and then it is "look out for the wailing, gnashing of teeth, sack cloth, ashes and greiving for men's souls". My close friends are nodding yes indeed, aren't you?. I feel bad mostly because I would not wish that my strident behavior ever malign the word of God. Titus 2:5

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keiboman said...

I think if I were not strident with most things, I would have a lot less to say...

...maybe I should say a lot less.