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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Somethings Political

Which of course has less than desirable connotations, but we all engage in it in someway, even if we don't vote we still end up being governed by those we didn't vote for or against.

Looked up political and found the first two definitions:

1. of, pertaining to, or concerned with politics: political writers.
2. of, pertaining to, or connected with a political party: a political campaign.

Okay, so looked up politics:

1. the science or art of political government.
2. the practice or profession of conducting political affairs.

So my desire to find out that the word politics or political is not inherently bad failed, but I really want to weigh in on the conversation today and not be thought of as caught up in something that is beneath a nice, level headed, God-led person. So I can't use the dictionary to justify my involvement here just that I want to.

Sorry Dear reader, but I'm going political again whether I can define it specifically or not. So think poorly of me today if you must, I will get back to writing clever little things about lovely little things later.

The word origin is civic (really?) - so I am being civical today.

I will try and get this all out today so there are actually a couple of things political that I am about to express here but the alternative is to make several posts and then I would just feel dirty. And I do realize that some of this is not news but old news and that's not news but I didn't intend for this to be a news piece.

Perhaps I will proclaim that Wednesdays, on this blog, be known as Wordy Worldly Wednesday, A Day Of Compartmentalization For Believers. Okay, I'm staling by trying to be funny.

I just want to have a disclaimer here: I'm stepping out of my Democrat/Third Party-for-presidential-election mode this year and this is the most I have ever talked politics.

Today's political segment #1

So for the millionth (harmless hyperbole) time on the radio and else where I heard that Palin is not qualified for the job she might possibly find herself in. (I wonder if anyone besides a terminal cancer patient has had his potential death cause more conversation than McCain?)

Anyway, I was saying that I thought of this after hearing continued speculation on Palin's lack of experience. Sometimes you may not see right away if a person has enough experience or not. And sometimes it is glaringly obvious that a person does not have enough experience nor the qualifications that he accuses his opponent for not possessing. Case in point.

Obama accuses Palin for not being experienced enough and he and his camp accuses McCain for not showing good judgement.

Obama would like us all to believe that a McCain/Palin administration would not be diplomatic enough but he most certainly would.

Obama has lived in the US all his life and darn close to the heartland as a Illinoisan. The different sub cultures of America are just that mere subcultures and not that hard to grasp.

During the primary race, candidates are not merely running against people in their own party but they are already running against whom ever will be chosen from the other party. So it would behove the candidate not to upset a potential apple cart, make a large contingent of possible swing voters cranky with him. Agreed?

So what experience, what skill, does Obama exhibit in the diplomatic department when he, during a time when he needs to not wholesale upset certain people in his country, people whom he ought to be able to know and understand just by living close to them, people he should have and could have have studied while desiring to have their votes, what kind of judgement does it exhibit when he says incendiary things like: "They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Then instead of admitting it was intellectual elitist crap that sounded rather bigoted and narrow minded toward a subculture and even an ethnic group, and just apologize, he shows us what an agent of change he is by attempting to reword what he said and try and make it sound like he too clings to religion, that it is a compliment to the clingers and the religion.

Okay I think the folks that he insulted are big folks, they can and some probably do, forgive him with or with out a defensive apology. But lets forget those folks who only hold a ballot in their hands. Lets even go so far as to say okay it may not be flattering but it is the truth. We take it on the chin. And after all, all we have in our hand that we would use against Obama and his crew is a ballot

But if that is what he serves up in a situation that demands diplomacy for his own personal benefit, and a diplomacy that would be easy to obtain given that he is from this country and he tells us his culture is our culture, what are we to expect from him in a far more delicate situation with a culture very very opposite his and instead of a ballot they have weapons in their hands. How well will we bode in his incapable hands.

Now his lack of experience, his lack of judgement, his lack of diplomacy, attributes he claims are vital for the new president, isn't just a gamble, we can clearly see it is fact.

A man of change, you bet he is, he is constantly back pedaling so to cover up his diplomatic blunders. But there is no change, no breath of fresh air for Washington. Typical lawyer, he lacks true humility, the ability to say he was wrong and he lacks understanding of who he is defending, for money.

That goes under the heading of qualification.

Today's political segment #2

This goes under the heading of: golly you're sure of stellar character, not.

This flap yesterday about the pig in lipstick comment being no different than McCain's use a while back in regards to something Hillary proposed. Uh, way different, in that a week before McCain's comment Hillary did not reference to herself being a wearer of lipstick. Location, location, location or in this cases, timing, timing, timing. Can't he just admit he tried to take a mean swipe and move on. Excuses, self justification etc. doesn't change the fact that he can be just as bitter as (some of) us, just as snipe-ish as Hillary, and just as bull doggish as the people he is now running against. Not the change-making-love-everyone man he wants to portray.

Aren't you lucky, if you are still hanging in there with me to the bottom of this post, you are now released because my girls need to go to the saddlery to get a bit and chin strap for the new horse. Because I had some more, but I'll save it for next Wednesday or I'll have new commentary (complaints, whichever, I'll own it).


Dr.John said...

It is the very essence of the two party system for each party to be blind to their own failures but very much aware of the other party's problems. It's attack, attack, attack.

Kendrawolf said...

Yea!!! You are my new favorite political analyst! You go girl!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

so now i have to come back next wednesday? ha ha ha

for the record i'd rather have sarah than any of the rest of them i think, so far any way.

and i agree completely about the location comment. did you see the folks behind him? they knew exactly what he meant.


thanks for stopping by. i'll add you to my blogroll. i don't use links, just google reader.

smiles, bee

Ted M. Gossard said...

I guess I just don't see any of the four (pres and vp candidates of the two major parties) as foolproof even while I attribute a measure of sincerity to each.

I think you can find questionable comments and problems with all four- I do. Maybe it's just that I remember seeing Richard Nixon resign. Maybe it's the fact that I'm to a good extent an Anabaptist in my theology. But I can't get very down or very up on any American politician. They have their place and importance, along with necessary limitations both in terms of checks and balances within the system, and especially in terms of God's sovereign work in the world.

Not to say I don't take this seriously as a Christian. And I know equally devoted and informed Christians will see things differently politically.

Just my thoughts here.