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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fair Flowers

Because it was the first day of the Fair the clerks and judges were working very hard to get their work done and the flowers displayed. Entries are brought before the judge and the ribbon placement is decided, the clerks record the placement (it means money for the entrant) a ribbon or a sticker is placed on the entry tag and set aside to be arranged by the clerks.

The local dahlia grower always has this display. I took note of a few of my favorites because I had devastating winter kill in my dahlia beds and will need to purchase a few next spring.

Every one is waiting for me to get done checking out the flower barn. Please be patient, I'll be out soon. Stephanie had circled in the flower barn three times looking for us, she knew I would be there but we came in on the other side of the fair.

Nancy Halleen, a friend who got me going in chrysanthemums,has entered hers into the fair and won.

This is not an easy flower to grow. Nancy you did a great job.

Isn't this a strange flower. But wait there's more.

A photography challenge to say the least.

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