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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Fair Report

"Darling, I have been working on this do for days, it cost a fortune.
Doncha ya just love it Darling?"
Yes, I do and I will be ordering many of you for next year. I think you could flip the bridal industry on its head! A couple that twirls and spins their way through life. If you can't read the box it says,, cute couple and very talented.
But this fellow was entirely engaging. He had Anne, Abbey and my grandson, Kai totally enthrawled but he also got my daughter, Stephanie to get into the act. Here she has just picked out her card from his deck of invisible cards. And you won't believe this, but it matched the card that the young man standing on the edge of the crowd had in his hand! Wow!! And like Demitri Martin says magic acts are good but they are even better when you're dumb. So to get the most entertainment value I leave my brain at home.
Here sweet young Kai has picked a card and is waiting to see if it matches what is written on the inside of a cup. This fellow is Steve Trash and he told the kids that they could find some simple magic tricks to do on his web page


Jeff B said...

We missed the fair this year, but did manage to see the circus. Nice to meet your acquaintance.

Dr.John said...

I love fairs and fair pictures. Thank you.