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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Whatcha Been Doin?

I found a very funny fellow on a blog last night. I laughed so hard (silently) tears were streaming down my face but I must have been making some sound or shaking the bed because the Snoring Dirt woke up and wanted me to share. Just roll over sweetie it isn't just one joke.

I read stuff and scripture till 3 am and was awake at six with my Bible in one hand, A-Z under it, laptop on my lap, (it gets very warm).

I wrote and wrote and wrote, and then transfered everything over to one note for a later time.

Mike and Michelle came out right after Mike and Rebecca dropped off a backhoe for us to use. Yay!

Mike, Michelle's Mike, did a nice start on our pond dig out in the front yard.

The girls all went for a horse ride, I stayed home.

Thinking about a lot of things. They just aren't falling out of my head wrapped in the right words so you are getting a version of my favorite dessert, mincebrain pie:

honesty and dishonesty - how big, how little, what do you say when, when it ain't your kid?


Writing challenge Portrait of Words - The Kick Off at A Word In Edgewise, by Jeff B. in Portland Oregon.

the beauty of marriage

the footholds we make for Satan, preventing any more

funniest darn chicken I ever did see. Wanting it pretty badly

wintering over lots of plants gotta figure out dormancy and a holding place

start some pansies for late winter bulb order

Turkey display at the fair

Oh, here is the funny churchy guy -

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