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Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Old Fair Job

A few years ago, in 2000, when my oldest daughter was about to get married I was offered to work as a cook at Myers burgers at the fair. I went back a few years, skipped a year and did a couple more.
Anne from Seattle is dumping onions on the grill. The onions go down and then get dressed with peppers and paprika. So along with serving up the burger, the cooks on the ends tend the onions. Turning and moving them, saving some really dark ones for special orders but making sure that most are beautifully lightly carmelized, its the sugar in the onion.
The onions bring the customers in but the onions make the cooks and their cloths stink. For days, no matter how many times you bathe. Unless you bathe with Dr. Bonner's castille soap with peppermint. But man it makes your body parts tingle. At the end of the fair I just wanted to burn my clothes, shoes, hair and car.

Sue here on this end is Anne's sister, she is a big wig at Starbucks in charge of setting up stores and offices (I think). She is doing the same job Anne is doing for the counter girls down on this end. Rudy (my favorite co-worker (just cuz he was the first person I worked with and he was nice and patient with me)) is in the center and so he is the burger fryer. He puts down the raw meat and then tends it on the grill. Rudy lives in umm Eastern Washington near Wenatchee the name of he town is scaping my brain but I guess that isn't important.
I think they are singing because they didn't know it was me taking the pictures.
They wear short sleeves cuz it is hot hot hot back there. But I worn long sleeves and long pants and boots cuz I don't like spatter burns. Ouch! I also wore a baseball cap everyday except one.

The inside, now they know who I am. These silver drawers over on the right is where the buns are kept warm. The counter behind the cooks is a cold bench in the center that helps keep the frozen burgers cold till they are used. The end benches hold the cheese in iced trays and other things like gloves and thermometers. Buns are stored underneath.

This is Larry the "Fry Guy" one year he got us in shape with timers for the frys. I never really minded doing frys but I liked serving (putting burgs together and up for the counter girls) the best. Flippin meat in the middle was way too much pressure.

Okay, girls I'm done saying hi to my old friends.

Where is dad?


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Flip Flop Floozie said...

Yeap "Where is Dad?" That is where my hubby is very very often. I told him that he knows every bathroom around!! smile.
I am so glad that you liked my picture that i have hanging here in my dining room. I love it and thinks it has quite the message!! Thanks for stopping by..Sandy