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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something Is Going Off The Needs/Wants List

Or is that the wants to needs list?

Just wanted to say that a new mattress is coming off the list because Dirt put a board (thick plywood) under my side of the bed and the last couple of mornings I have gotten up feeling as good if not better when I went to bed. I actually stand up straight and don't clutch my kidneys. Woohoo a new girl!

Just thought you really needed to know that before I leave for the evening.


Melli said...

ROFL!!! Gooooooo Dirt!!! That just saved a ton o' money! You should get something ELSE off the list too just foe saving so much money!

Now... WOMAN! Do you know you have posted ELEVEN times since I left for the beach??? HOW MUCH TIME do you think I have to catch up with you??? It seems to me that since I OBVIOUSLY do NOT use my alotted 20,000 words per day that you have taken up the slack for me! I know you MUST use 40K easy!!! ( i bet Dirt agrees...)

Pear tree cottage! said...

Well yes this is my first time visiting and YES I DO PROMISE TO COME BACK! I truly do.......thank you for your visit to my blog and it is lovely to be visiting you. we are hoping summer will be very warm here as we had a very cold winter but the worst is now behind us and the daffodils are champions this your blog blessings to you.