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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why Iron Creek?

What makes Iron Creek so special? Why is it the campground of choice for Labor Day?

Oh, a few things I suppose:

My dad liked it. The trees are huge. Most of the camp sites are good sized and secluded.

We can ususally get a site that we can hear the river (Cispus) when we are going to sleep.

What keeps it from being hugely popular? (Which by the way are up sides for me.) It doesn't have flush toilets and showers. It does have vault toilets (a lot like an outhouse) And it miles, nay hours, from anything remotely smaking of tourist shopping. Well unless Packwood, 17 miles east, and its annual swap meet (junk fest) fits your bill in that department.

But besides that, it is very close to the huckleberry fields. And every year that is what this last week end is really all about (for Dirt's family). Yes, it is within an hour and a half from home so lots of friends and family can join us, we cook like crazy and feast from one end of the weekend to the other, fish, hike and go see other sites but really huckleberries the wild high mountain deep purple beauties are really what this weekend is all about.

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Melli said...

Sounds like a GREAT time to me! Can I bring my AIR mattress though? My back doesn't do well on the hard ground... I'll bring the FORKS!