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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Diggin In

The Dirt Man

The dirt claw, ain't it handsome

The island in the pond that Mike dug out, mighty fine job. Thanks Mike!

But more must be done. Chomp, chomp.

The black prongy thing under the yellow arm is called a thumb. The operator can leave it in this position and bring the bucket to the thumb or he can operate the thumb to move toward the bucket to grab something. Cool.

All this to make the orchard area a little less damp and squishy in the winter.

Soil comes out of the hole

And gets dumped on the lawn area.

Dirt, the man, smooths out dirt, the soil, to make a nice level lawn. Soon our yard may be more level than the inside of our house.

His job is done now onto the barnyard pond to make a hole for each breed and variety of ducks Bet and I are raising.

Big tools and friends with big tools are a blessing from God. Thanks Mike Bowerman.

Sons that help are a blessing from God. Thanks Mike Stone.

There are, with out a doubt, a lot of Mikes in our lives.

PS after way to many moments wasted trying to eliminate the large gaping holes in this post I pledge to never put the pics to the left again! Sorry but I'm done trying to make this look better.

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Daisy said...

Well no wonder you're dancing, Lanny! Your holes have it all over my little hole! HA HA! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting again. I thought I'd add your blog to my list of blogs on the sidebar if you don't mind so I will remember to come and visit you again too. :D