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Friday, September 12, 2008

Frankly Speaking Friday

I know I said that I was going to save anything civical (political) for Wednesday, but I just need to let 'er rip again today because if I wait I .....

So maybe yesterday morning when I went into town to get Anne and Abbey and bring them out for their Thursday riding lessons, I was already a little emotional because of remembering the morning of September eleventh seven years ago when my husband flew out of bed at hearing on the radio that a jet had just slammed into a high rise in New York. Being on vacation, a radio listener and a aviation man he was alert to what he heard and by the time we had the T.V. on and were watching it with a few of our daughters, the other plane hit the high rise next to it, buildings I would later come to know as the World Trade Center. We all know how the rest of the morning unfolded. One at a time we went out and feeding animals, finding coffee and quick eats, but our television was watched all that day and the next day all day by at least one of us at all times and by both my husband and I for most of it with our daughters taking in what they could.

So remembering all of that, explaining it to my youngest daughter again, I admit it left me rather emotionally tender as I drove in the car yesterday.

I burst into tears, wept uncontrollably, had to pull my car over, when I heard this:

Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen gave this line in his speech from the House floor Wednesday.

“If you want change, you want the Democratic Party. Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus, who our minister prayed about. Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

I do not expect a Jewish man from Tennesee in the year 2008, who does not believe that Jesus was the Son of God, to understand that Jesus was not a "community organizer". And he has a cival right to say whatever comes into his head, whether it is an original thought or mindlessly unthoughtful regurgitation that may end up saddening many of his own constituents.

Cohen isn't the only one, he isn't the only one to perpetrate such a ridiculous idea, evidently very similar statements have been circulating in recent days including Donna Brazille, a Roman Catholic who ought to know better, restating it for Wolf Blitzer on CNN on Sunday. But it is interesting that looking at the transcripts Donna Brazille seems to have had a hard time getting this idea out clearly, not nearly as clearly as Cohen, I guess if you are going to try and purport the latest party schtick that you ought to at least believe it. Once again this isn't news to most of you, I'm not reporting I'm just commenting. Thank goodness these people aren't diplomats to the world with their totally off understanding of the beliefs of a great sampling of the world's people.

At this point I don't give a rip what they say about Palin, if they want to insinuate that she is a murderer on the level of Potius Pilo or not. Or whether being a community organizer, like Obama was, as Obama's crew first brought up not Palin, helps in his qualifications as President (Jerry Kellman at the Democratic National Convention, Monday, August 25, 2008 at 07:25 PM as he opened his approved speech with: "In 1985, I needed to hire a community organizer. .") Those things did not make me weep.

I wept yesterday, last night, this morning, right now as I write, these people called the Lord and Savior, my Lord and Savior, a community organizer, and they are using that label for the political gain of a man who claims to love and profess Jesus Christ as the Son of God and his Savior. And that man has not boldly, sternly, convincingly, on every news station in America, jumped in front of the cameras and corrected all the uninformed, unbelieving people who are saying that Jesus Christ was a community organizer.

Jesus Christ doesn't need me to defend Him but what the heck, are we Christians just to let it ride?

In all of the ways Christ tells of himself, prophets tell of him, as the Vine, the Lion of Judah, the Light of the World, the Word of God, the Bread of Life, the Living Water, Lamb of God, Almighty, The Gate, High Priest, Alpha and Omega, Great Shepherd, Author and Perfector of our Faith, Head of the Church (not a church), the Bridegroom, Immanuel, Capstone, Truth, in all of those not only is "community organizer" not there, nothing like it is there in the regard that Jesus Christ did not come to earth to organize a community for money, for position, for accolades.

Quite frankly, He blew community organization out of the water.

Quite frankly, no one hired Him, no man appointed Him, no man voted for Him.

Quite frankly there is no community hall, no clinic, no board room that could hold Him, define Him, complete his work.

He is not a "good teacher", a "good, moral man", a "community organizer". For unbelievers to say he was, for those who do not profess Him as the Son of God, to say so, well, to that I can not say, "No, you can't say that." Those who do not see, do not see.

But for a Christian man to not stand up and say "Stop. Stop saying that in defense of me politically." That is sad, beyond sad, but I am at a loss as to what to call it.

Well I am going to go out and weed, this hasn't been as cathartic as Dirt and I had hoped it would be, a little but I gotta go rip out some weeds, harvest some garlic and teach some little girls how to ride horses.


Dr.John said...

Work with your hands always makes you feel better.
Politicians of both parties have no hesitation in using Jesus to their own ends. It is tragic but it is also politics. I don't like it but then I don't like a lot of what politicians do.
1. They use the poor but don't help them.
2. They make promises they never keep.
I could go on. But then I might start crying.

preacherman said...

Interesting post.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Keep up the great work you do with your blog.
I love and enjoy reading it.
It is definately one of my favs.
I hope you and your family have wonderful weekend.

KathyB. said...

I was listening to the radio on my way to town and the discussion was on several things Obama said, in fact, the radio LET Obama say it before they discussed it. All I want to add is , there seems to be NO HONOR in him, regardless of what some people say. The man used to seem acceptable to me, but the more I hear from need to hear from his worshipers, the more i hear from him, the more I wonder about the character of his worshipers. They seem so very willing to embrace a man of little or no substance, yet very, very eager to dismiss the real Jesus, His word, and any men and women who have real character and fortitude !

Oh my, have stirred me up. Thanks again, KathyB.