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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Great Ride

Being silly and away we go.

The sheep out back enjoying some nice new grass up next to the pond.

Girls on horses on a hill.

Farmer girl on a farmer horse

Heading back home to put the sheep back in the pasture.

There's the victims.

Unhooking the electric fence from the battery,

it can be tricky or scary or both. Or just plain shocking!

Opening up the gate, this flex net stuff is easy.

Nice and wide.

In goes Easy to roust out the sheep.

Waiting for them to get off the water's edge.

Pushing them up and out.

They're out now let's head them home.

Everybody at they're stations so they don't slip out and head the wrong way.

Keep'em moving.

No slipping off to the side this way,

or that way.
Anna and Holly working out working the sheep.

Swinging out to circle behind,

And head 'em home!


Melli said...

WOW! I didn't realize you were a real WORKIN' ranch! Cool! My daughter would STILL be in Heaven up there! I would come along just to watch and take pictures! LOL! Maybe pet the sheep...

Lanny said...

Well, pack your bags you are welcome anytime. We have a "guest house" that sleeps ten, has a bathroom, shower (the size of a phone booth) and a kitchen. We will share our food and wine and life with you.

Debra said...

Nice pic's! Your horse looks like it is quite healthy for its age. Ranch work looks like could put in some longevity riding!