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Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's Inside?

Company's coming so I dashed off to get this package from the post office and a gallon of paint to finish, well at least start to finish. the living room trim for Gathering Friday evening.

Here's what's inside! Chicks for the Vicks!

My great idea is to begin breeding our own Cornish Rock crosses for meat birds. So I ordered fifty straight run White Plymouth Rocks. But then I wanted chickens to raise for meat before next year, so I bought fifty of Stromberg's Cornish Rock Crosses.

To come in the same box.

I'm not real bright these days. They will look very similar for a long time. Ugh.

Oh well, in you go with the rest. Some different laying hens from Brian and Shawn at Webster Road Feed were here first but everyone will get along just fine.

Very cute Anna, now get back to work company will be here in a few hours!


Melli said...

How ADORABLE! I want to come play with them! At YOUR house! LOL! I sure don't want them at MY house! :) I do look forward to hearing about their adventures though!

Dr.John said...

The picture of the box brought back memories from my childhood. W#e raised chickens, grand mother raised chickens, and my Aunt Doris raised chickens. Thanks for the memories.