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Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting Packed

We are soon off for a time in the hills. We will be right in the center of some of the big mountains here. South of Rainier, North of St. Helen's, West of Adams.

The main purpose - well the purpose a few years ago that was the main purpose - is to pick Huckleberries. Not those puny lowland red things that look like something you fish with, but huge purple, dark purple, shiny, juicy huckleberries that are more flavorful than a blueberry.

But now it doesn't seem to be about the Huckleberry any more (although I would not try to stop me if I were you). What started out as Dirt and I trying to get one other family to join us in something I was raised doing, has now turned into ten families, maybe eleven if Jim and Carol make it up, gathering for some wonderful times. I love it, even if I have momentary lapses of overwhelmedness, I love a party. The more the merrier!

Highlights that keep us coming back (not all highlights trip every one's trigger(and I have forgotten many)).
  • Huckleberry picking at the 4,ooo foot level, up a treacherous road. (that's all I need)
  • Famous Fry Night, it started out as a little cook-in and has now turned into a major event with rules!
  • Walking around the campground to see the giant trees
  • Scavenger Hunts put on by Autumn
  • A trip up to see St Helen's and her growing lava dome, and to stop off and see the lake with a zillion black tad poles in it.
  • Fishing with poles or your bare hands.
  • Quiet place to read or stare into the trees and think
  • A waterfall
  • Incredible views of God's creation
  • Campfire stories and some of Mike's best renditions of extended family life
  • Fantastic meals
  • Nice camp hosts who are easily bribed with chocolate chip cookies!
  • Instant oatmeal and cup o' noodles when you don't want to cook
  • Lots of dogs but no cats
  • Camp robbers of the right kind
  • Great Hikes and Terrific Naps

But mostly it is getting together with really good friends and talking about everything imaginable, the ultimate church gathering.

Dirt and I hope that God will see us through some day to having a tavern, a road house, an inn call it what you will, we haven't figured out what to call it other than "our tavern ministry". A place where people will come and eat, rest, talk, laugh, find some new friends, catch up with old ones, confess, exhort, be encouraged, heal, serve, teach, learn, birth....

Iron Creek Huckleberry Fest on Labor Day Weekend and other times, seem to be a starting ground.

So Dear Reader in a day or two I will be where there isn't anything but piped water, vault toilets and no electricity. Suffice it to say that I will not be able to blog while I am gone from the farm. Danelle and Ashley, the young ladies that we have commissioned to take care of the farm, will be taking care of everything as if I were here myself. But not the blog. I will be taking my trusty lap top so that I can have all of our gathering loaded and ready to hit the blog running when we get back.


KathyB. said...

Cannot wait and be seeing you in the wilderness....fry night, campfires, maybe ( hopefully ) long discussions about life, and God, and wildly hilarious friend and family tales. And of course, those naps in between the camping fun, so we can stay up late at the campfire ! kathyB.

Melli said...

Ella wishes she was there RIGHT NOW!!! Y'all have fun - and we can't WAIT to see and hear about it all!

Dr.John said...

It sounds great. I look forward to reading about it when you return.

Daisy said...

This sounds like a wonderful trip. I hope you have a great time! :)

Gattina said...

Sounds very nice and so different from my holidays !