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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Have An Idea!

These two little spots of garden ground are in front of my laundry house porch. In the spring they are full, or usually are full, of daffodils and my favorite blue-flowered ground cover. In the summer I have sweet peas climbing up strings, except for this summer
this was the only sweet pea that survived the mole that showed up. Before I realized he was there I boldly had Bet direct sow sweet pea seeds and not put them in a peat pot.
So I put my pots of new roses from Heirloom Roses on the naked spots and then I got an idea.

Since I don't have a place for my roses picked out why don't I just plant them here. Well some of them anyway. Because some of them are climbers and as you know from Why I Was Somewhat Glad to Bail Water , the front of the laundry house needs to be unobstructed from winter sun.

I know that I am impulsive and quick to dive in with an idea as soon as I think it and it is moderately confirmed (Bet has agreed that this would be a great spot for roses), but this time

I am going to wait and maybe the fact that I had only one little sweet pea come up is a good thing after all because come September this will be a construction sight. If I can loose a eighteen bloom lily at the foot of Dirt just over a TV cable, I am not silly enough to think he would step around some pretty little roses. So I'll wait till fall. Better time to plant, I can renew my dwindling daff bulbs and add some new interests like crocus or some such spring flower.

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KathyB. said...

Jim gets a bit suspicious when I 'have and idea'. I miss having my daughter around to support my always helps, so you should give Bet a kiss for agreeing AND helping.

Of course, sometimes there is a good reason I don't get any support..I too have been known to embark on a plan and then have to rip it up for the construction project Jim had in mind...another of those 'plan lessons'. KathyB.