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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Incident In A Day In The Life Of Anna

Umm, tomorrow is not a day for vegans on the farm. Mike Erickson is coming in his big truck and this years lamb crop is leaving in it in a very altered state.

One lamb is staying. And what is rather humorous, (sorry can't help it, I break promises like that all the time, besides its nearly tomorrow) is that the one that gets to remain for the rest of her natural life (approximately 7 or so years)or until she can't keep lambing, is this year's bummer.

Not such a bummer after all to be a bummer. Especially Anna's bummer. I'll look for some pics for tomorrow of Tilly as a bottle lamb (that is what a bummer is).

But here are pics of another of Anna's bummers, albeit a bummer of a different nature.

Mind you she came to me herself with camera card in hand, "Here blog this, " she says. "What happens when you forget what you've done."

"Anna" Fluffy Joe calls. "Better come here, I think you have a problem."

"Oh, cracken snapple! I forgot to shut off the water," Anna cries.

"Well now you better turn it off. I am sure the hydrangea has enough water," Fluffy adds rather sarcastically.

He is old and grumpy, sarcasm comes easy, especially when it isn't his mistake. Not so sarcastic and snide when he was on trial for murder, but that's another story for a different day.

"This may be what happens when you don't water the hydrangea when your mom asks you too."

"Alright already, Fluffy, I get it! You want your hair balls combed out now, Matt?"

"Uh no, I didn't say that. I'll go back and lay down and mind my own business and next time I'll just let the river run through it."

"Oh, now that is just a dumb use of a movie title," as she heads towards the Cook's Porch door. "You don't even watch movies, you're getting the comb and scissors tomorrow for sure." Anna says as she shuts the door behind her.

No rocks were harmed in the filming of this docudrama. But tomorrow there will be some hair spilled. And because this incident was produced by well water no water was really wasted. In a few days it will be right back where it started. So activists can just sit back and enjoy the humor and unwrap their panties.


KathyB. said...

O.K. one last comment before my road trip...the minor flooding looks like a little creek that has started at a little pond . Maybe Anna has really shown you a creative landscaping idea !
Poor Anna, she is so nurturing and farm life is so hard on the tenderhearted . At least she knows her bummers and other nurtured babies were well loved and had a happy life. That cannot be said for many animals raised for food or profit ! KathyB.

Kendrawolf said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. You are right about the valley experiences in life. That is definitely where we grow in our faith.

Melli said...

Oh MY! Life on the farm DOES get exciting from time to time! I'm sO glad Fluffy keeps Anna in line!

I'm SORRY... but I have to take back my offer to come "sit around and watch" and "maybe pet the sheep"... T'would appear things are gonna get UGLY down on the farm today... and I don't DO ugly! Call me in the SPRING when things are being BORN! I DO birth!

Dr.John said...

You know how to make the little things of life interesting. I am glad all the sheep don't have to die. I hated it when my dad would slaughter one of the cows.

Lanny said...

UMMM it is hard. Very Hard. I didn't grow up on a farm but my dad was a farm boy. I remember when I came home from kindergarten and all the little bunnies that my bunny had fathered were hanging from the apple tree without their clothes on. It was rather devastating. But that memory is well implanted in my brain as to why we take care of the things God gives us for our good. He gives at a sacrifice.

I am not sure that I (and I am speaking only for myself here) would really understand the whole blood sacrifice thing about Jesus if I hadn't had my father lead me through those experiences. I hate to make him sound like a spiritual saint, 'cause he was just on ordinary man, but he was my father and he taught me well. The bad stuff in my life was my stupid rebellion alone.