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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not Many Pictures Lately

One minute you're eating breakfast at the breakfast counter, and the next minute you're fixing your daughter's camera that your wife broke, well really she was just holding it and cleaning the lens when it broke itself. (Shouldn't personal responsibility extend to inanimate objects too?)

This is what the insides of a camera look like. This is what happens when the photography consultant that you hire says that the professional fix would cost as much as the camera.

That and the fact that you have Techno Man living right under your very own roof.

Thanks Dirt, hope you can fix it.

Elisabet, aka Bet or Baby, does have a camera that works quite well. It does however eat batteries for lunch, breakfast and dinner. So I am not used to using it as much as Anna's. Can't wait to get my own digital camera, see my needs list. Okay, wants list, but I believe I explain the confusion in the title on the side bar.

Speaking of side bars, check it out all the way to the bottom.

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